FRP Bridge Installed By Helicopter


At over 50 years old, the Tish Creek bridge, located in a narrow gorge within Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge, was due for an upgrade. The wood and steel constructed bridge was built in the ‘60s — and wasn’t only showing its age, but also becoming more and more of a safety hazard. It was destroyed by a storm in December 2015 and hadn’t been replaced yet.

As a solution, Bedford engineers designed a custom Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer bridge for the job. Our engineers are great at designing custom projects — and our master technicians are great at bringing them to life. FRP was the right choice as it’s extremely weather-resistant, just as strong as steel, and will easily stand up to years of hiking traffic. The park wanted a long-term solution for the hard-to-reach area, and they found it in FRP.

Our technicians built the new Tish Creek bridge off-site and then handed it off to be transported by truck. When the obstacles were too large and the truck couldn’t get any closer by land, a helicopter stepped in to take care of the rest.  It was the only way to install the bridge and it doesn’t happen very often — but we have to say, it made for a good show.