Outlast the Elements With FRP


The incredible durability of Bedford FRP in a variety of weather conditions makes it the ideal choice for constructing pedestrian bridges. Resistance to heat, high winds, rain, snow, and corrosion are why more and more locations are replacing failing old wood and steel bridges with M•E•2 pedestrian bridges from Bedford.

Along with durability to hold up against the elements, Bedford M•E•2 pedestrian bridges are designed to handle the needed load. So whether your bridge has an occasional traveler or nonstop tourist groups, Bedford will create an attractive design that looks perfect in the space while being engineered to handle the foot traffic. Bedford M•E•2 pedestrian bridges also simplify installation. The lightweight material is easy to transport to the site, is available in a wide range of sizes and styles, and can even be shipped fully assembled for drop-in replacement as shown in this video from Cascade Locks, Oregon.