Bedford Ready-To-Ship Supplies


Along with top-quality FRP, Bedford is known for great customer service. And part of that great customer service includes making sure you have everything you need. That’s why Bedford buys essential supplies in bulk and passes the savings on to you. They’re the same products we use in our shop every day, and we’re confident you’ll find them to be the best solution for you, too. Contact us today — these supplies are in stock and ready to ship.




It’s important to keep your facility and production equipment sanitized to prevent contamination and keep employees in optimal health. Stock up on everything you need to stay tidy including vinyl, latex, and nitrile gloves along with Disposable Tyvek® suits and Scotch-BriteTM abrasive cleaning pads.

Vinyl, latex and nitrile glovesDisposable Tyvek® suits

Disposable Tyvek® suits

Scotch-BriteTM abrasive cleaning pads


Order your materials from Bedford to save on price and ensure quality products. We can cover any type of packaging and shipping needs with supplies like 4-mil clear poly sheeting, poly strapping and banding, stretch wrap, and masking and packaging tape.

4-mil clear poly sheeting

Poly strapping and banding

Stretch wrap

Masking and packaging tape


If you’re apart of any manufacturing or production facility, chances are you’ll need a few of these supplies. Mixing cups, stir sticks and wool ring daubers are equally versatile and functional, while diamond routers and CNC tooling are more specialized. Additional fabrication and production supplies include adhesives and dispensing equipment and carbide and diamond saw blades.

Mixing cups, stir sticks, wool ring daubers

Adhesives and dispensing equipment

Carbide and diamond saw blades

Diamond router and CNC tooling

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