PROGrid® Fiberglass Molded Grating & Stair Tread

Proven corrosion resistance is just one of the benefits of our PROGrid® fiberglass molded grating. It’s strong, lightweight and performs reliably for years, even in extreme conditions. Slip resistant coating options also enhance worker safety.

PROGrid® Molded Grating
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Reduced Maintenance Costs > The high resin-to-glass ratio (approximately 65% resin to 35% glass by weight) provides a long service life, so you won’t have to replace FRP grating as often as other materials. And molded-through color eliminates the need for painting.

Stock or Custom Sizes > FRP molded grating is available in stock panels, or we can fabricate to size to meet your specifications. We can also design, engineer and fabricate complete fiberglass grating systems.


Simple Installation > Grating can be fabricated using standard tools.

Less Waste > Interwoven square mesh construction provides bi-directional strength, so you can cut grating to fit and make the most efficient use of each panel.

Dimensionally Stable > A low coefficient of expansion and contraction makes our molded grating products dimensionally stable in many environments.

PROGrid® Molded Grating
PROGrid<sup>®</sup> Molded Grating Our molded fiberglass grating products are available with slip-resistant coating and offer a strong, long-lasting alternative for floors or walkways.