Ship Date Guarantee And Product Warranty

We understand the impact a delay can have on your profitability, so we won’t keep you guessing. When we promise a ready-to-ship date we meet it, or WE pay the penalty. In fact, we’ve invested substantially in our fiberglass pultrusion operation to ensure we are able to meet or exceed the industry’s best lead times. And we stand behind our fiberglass reinforced plastic products with an unbeatable warranty.

Guaranteed Ship-Date
Do supplier delays create chaos on your jobsite? Here’s one less thing to worry about. When you receive a ready-to-ship date from Bedford, it’s GUARANTEED. If we miss the promised ship date, we pay significant penalties back to you. Terms and conditions apply; download the guarantee or contact us.
Guaranteed Express Response
Need to expedite an order? Bedford offers Express Response options with shorter lead times on all of our project proposals — and we stand behind our promised ready-to-ship date by paying a significant penalty back to you if we’re late. Download the guarantee or contact us for details and you could shave weeks off your delivery time.
25-Year Limited Warranty
Bedford PROForms® structural FRP products are warranted against manufacturing defects for 25 years, so you can specify them with confidence. Terms and conditions apply; download the guarantee or contact us.