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PROForms® Structural Shapes

We manufacture a wide range of pultruded fiberglass shapes including angles, beams, bars, building panels, rods, tubes and much more.

PROGrid® Molded Grating

Our molded fiberglass grating products are available with slip-resistant coating and offer a strong, long-lasting alternative for floors or walkways.

PROGrate® Pultruded Grating

Pultruded fiberglass grating is ideal to support heavier loads and longer spans. It’s also available with a non-slip surface for enhanced traction.

Custom Products

Need a special color, shape or tolerance? We can create custom FRP profiles for your specific application.

Assemblies & Systems

We can design and fabricate a complete FRP system to your specifications including platforms, catwalks, cage ladders, stairs and handrails.

Additional Products

We’ve created custom FRP products for agricultural trellising, boat docks, utility markers and poles, and weirs and baffles for the water/wastewater market. See examples here.