Custom FRP Structures

With a state-of-the-art fabrication center, Bedford Reinforced Plastics offers nearly endless possibilities for custom FRP structures. Get exactly what you need for your specific application. Bedford’s experienced FRP engineering team is available to assist with design too.

Custom Pedestrian Bridges

From installation ease to the strength to meet the demands of load-carrying conditions and harsh weather, Bedford FRP is ideal for pedestrian bridges of any size.

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Custom OSHA-Compliant Fixed-Access Ladders

Bedford’s fiberglass industrial access ladders meet or exceed OSHA requirements and are ideal for use in chemical plants and other corrosive environments.

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Custom Stair Platforms & Stair Towers

Bedford can provide a complete structural FRP system, including handrails, stairs and platforms to your specifications. Our fiberglass stair structures comply with strict OSHA regulations and are designed for worker safety.

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Custom Guardrail & Handrail

Bedford’s fiberglass-reinforced polymer guardrail and handrail components are strong, lightweight and easy to install.

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Custom Platforms, Mezzanines, Walkways & Catwalks

In humid or dry environments, steel can end up wearing down. Our fiberglass platforms, mezzanines, walkways and catwalks are lightweight and won’t rust or corrode, making them the ideal steel catwalk alternative.

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Custom Crossover Stairs

Safely and comfortably walk over obstructions such as conveyors, pipelines and more. Our fiberglass crossover stairs can handle heavy loads and stand up against harsh conditions.

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