Custom Guardrail & Handrail

Bedford’s custom fiberglass-reinforced polymer guardrail and handrail components are strong, lightweight and easy to install. The durable, non-conductive material is ideal for corrosive environments.

Both our custom and ReadyRail fiberglass guardrail and handrail systems comply with OSHA regulations. They are designed for worker safety, including standard safety yellow components.

Corrosion Resistant
Fiberglass guardrail and handrail is a weather-resistant alternative to traditional materials like wood or steel. It’s built to last and is virtually maintenance-free.

Flexible Solutions
Bedford guardrail and handrail systems can be factory-assembled or shipped ready to assemble for on-site fabrication. UV inhibitors, fire-retardant resin and other options are available per your specifications.

Download Guardrail & Handrail Specifications