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Bedford materials are so strong and durable that they work in a variety of applications. From stair treads to fixed ladders to VGBA-compliant drain systems, count on Bedford for cost-efficient solutions that fill specific needs, are easy to work with, and deliver the long-lasting performance that Bedford is known for.

Stair Treads & Stair Tread Covers

Bedford’s PROGrid® molded and PROGrate® pultruded stair tread panels allow you to cut your own stair treads quickly and inexpensively for less waste and less cost. These maintenance-free treads are engineered for strength, durability and corrosion resistance.

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For both convenience and performance, get your fasteners where you get your grating. Bedford offers a variety of stainless steel and FRP clips to secure our range of grating products. In most cases, the maximum distance between clips should be no more than 4′.

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Grating Pedestals

Bedford offers several pedestals for applications requiring elevated grating floor systems. Contact Bedford for sizes and availability.

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Embedment Angle

Bedford PROForms® FRP embedment angle is manufactured with premium-grade vinylester fire-retardant resin. It’s compatible with all standard sizes of Bedford molded and pultruded grating and has continuous anchoring incorporated into the design to eliminate the need for additional anchors.

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Phenolic Grating

Our phenolic grating products are manufactured to the highest quality standards using fiberglass reinforcement and a phenolic resin system. These products are USCG level 2 approved.

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VGBA Certified Grating

PROGrate I 10-40, I 15-40 and T 10-18 are ideal for fabricating VGBA-compliant drain systems around pools and spas.

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Handrail Brackets

Installation ease and long-term durability come together in Bedford’s stainless-steel handrail bracket. It’s strong for lasting service and sleek for aesthetic design. It’s also versatile, installing easily on both round and square handrails of FRP, metal and wood.

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Baffle Panels

Easily meet the panel needs of nearly every flow control application. These fiberglass baffle panels are exactly what you expect from Bedford products: lightweight for installation ease while delivering high strength for long-term reliability. Resistant to rot and corrosion, Bedford baffle panels are ideal for wastewater, retention basins, aeration chambers and other flow control applications.


CustomFRP Structures

With a state-of-the-art fabrication center, Bedford Reinforced Plastics offers nearly endless possibilities for custom FRP structures. Get exactly what you need for your specific application. Bedford’s experienced engineering team is available to assist with design.