Custom Pedestrian, Park & Trail Bridges

Bedford’s custom pedestrian, park and trail bridges have all the structural advantages of pre-engineered ReadySpan bridges with the additional benefit of nearly unlimited customization. The trail and park bridges are excellent for pedestrian, equestrian and light vehicles — including ATVs, golf carts and other H5 loading vehicles — even in harsh conditions.

Low Maintenance
The pedestrian bridges will last for decades virtually maintenance free, because they are made of Bedford’s high-quality fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP). The durable bridges won’t shrink, swell, warp, corrode, attract insects or fail in extreme weather conditions, unlike pedestrian, park and trail bridges made from wood and metal.

Kitted Shipments
The pedestrian, park and trail bridges can be shipped as individual components, in modules needing limited assembly, or entirely pre-assembled and ready to drop into location.

Easy Installation
Installation is easy. Custom bridge components are fabricated on CNC machines in Bedford’s facilities and shipped predrilled with all necessary hardware included. The lightweight nature of FRP makes transporting trail bridge components to out-of-the-way locations easy. Assembly requires only hand tools, eliminating the need for heavy equipment, welding or excessive site work.

Custom Engineering
Structural analysis and custom engineering is performed on every pedestrian, park and trail bridge to meet load-carrying conditions specific to the planned location and intended use. The analysis and engineering process includes a PE-stamped submittal package, including CAD drawings and structural calculations.

Proven on Trails, in Parks and More
Bedford’s custom bridges are in use by pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders, ATV users, golfers and more across the U.S. Click here to see examples of the bridges in national, state, county and city parks and in residential, commercial and municipal applications.

Download Bedford’s Pedestrian Bridge Specifications