Catwalks & Platforms

Corrosion Resistance
In humid or dry environments, steel can end up wearing down. Our fiberglass grating catwalk and platform systems are lightweight and won’t rust or corrode, making them the ideal steel catwalk alternative.

Extreme Durability
With FRP catwalks and platforms, you won’t need to replace your catwalk as often. Plus, FRP is virtually maintenance-free, so it’s ideal for harsh conditions.

Safety Features
Bedford’s fiberglass catwalk and platform grating can be coated with fire-retardant resins which are able to withstand higher temperatures than polyester or vinyl-ester for extended periods of time without significant structural damage. FRP catwalks and platforms are also available with anti-slip surfaces. Having industrial grade catwalks platforms should be your company’s standard for safety and durability.

OSHA Compliance
Our fiberglass reinforced platform and catwalk systems are manufactured to strict OSHA guidelines with anti-slip surfaces, safety yellow components and fire-retardant resins.

Complete Systems Available
Bedford can supply PROGrid® or PROGrate® FRP grating, stairs, handrails, fasteners and more for a complete catwalk and platform system. Bedford can custom-manufacture it to your specification. Our fiberglass structural shapes combine the strength of steel with the durability of fiberglass-reinforced polymer for long-lasting performance.

Easy to Assemble
Components can be cut, drilled and shipped in kits to your specifications for efficient assembly on site. And unlike steel, FRP systems can be fabricated and installed using standard tools.

Download Catwalk & Platform Specification