Project Management Specialist

We are looking for a motivated team member to handle project management duties. This individual will be responsible for understanding and conveying the scope of work for a project, assessing what capacity will be consumed by the project, acting as the liaison between the customer and other departments within our organization and tracking the progress of each project. Ideally, this teammate should be highly invested in the growth of the organization and must be goal oriented, self-sufficient and willing to take on new opportunities.

This individual should be proficient in the utilization of computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other similar programs. In addition, this teammate must be comfortable working with others and with being part of a fast-growing team.

Job duties will include:

Project Management Specialist General Tasks

  • Must have a clear and concise understanding of customers’ needs for each individual project.
  • Communicate the full scope of work to each department within our internal team: Sales, Customer Service, Purchasing, Engineering, Drafting and Design, Production, Fabrication and Shipping.
  • Keep track of project timelines and necessary functions, and aid in keeping all areas of the project on track.
  • Responsible for updating both the customer and our internal team of the status of a project when needed.
  • Requires strong communication skills via a combination of methods, including emails, phone calls, video calls and/or in-person meetings.
  • Secure and evaluate quotes for materials and services from outside vendors to meet project needs/timelines.

Managing Project Schedules/Execution

Project Management Specialist will carry any of the four major types of projects throughout the system using the below typical scenarios:

  • Manage Assembly (AS) Projects: Develop scope of work for quotation > Customer PO >
    Approval drawings > Shop drawings and PE stamps calculations > Production and fabrication > Delivery.
  • Manage ReadySeries Projects: Develop scope of work for quotation > Lot material/kitted
    material/assembly material determination > Customer PO > Production/fabrication > Delivery.
  • Manage Fabricated (FB) Projects: Develop scope of work for quotation > Customer PO > Fabrication drawings > Production/fabrication > Delivery.
  • Manage Stock (ST) Orders: Develop scope of work for quotation > Salesman hand-off.

Material Determination for Project(s)

  • Work with production and fabrication to determine lead times on material for projects.
  • Report lead times to the sales team for communication with the customer.

Following Up

  • Follow up with internal team to keep projects on track and on schedule.
  • Follow up with customers to alert them of current reality and any potential issues or areas of concern.

Project Tracking

Maintain Project Tracking Sheet for all assigned projects.

  • Update Tracking Sheet daily for internal use and future tracking.
  • Publish Tracking Sheet (if necessary) for customers on an as-needed basis.

Fill-in Duties/Cross-Training

Project Management Specialist should understand roles within the company such as inside sales representative.

  • In the event that the sales manager and/or inside sales representative are off at the same time, the PMS may need to perform necessary daily tasks to continue normal operations.

Other Duties as Assigned

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