Sales Account Manager

We are looking for a motivated team member to handle Sales Account Manager duties. This individual will be responsible for growing prospects into active customers, communicating with and managing current customers and ensuring an efficient sales process. Ideally, this individual should be highly invested in the growth of the organization and must be goal oriented, self-sufficient and willing to take on new opportunities. Additionally, the position requires the ability and willingness to travel as required.

Job duties will include:

Handling Manufacturer-Supplied Leads

  • The Sales Account Manager should obtain leads supplied by our manufacturing partners and act as a regional distributor for their product line(s).
  • The Sales Account Manager should identify the scope of work for a given project/opportunity and ask the necessary questions to understand our clients true needs.
  • Call/Email customers within 24 hours of opportunity — aim for same business day.

Identifying the Correct Opportunities

  • The Sales Account Manager should be able to identify opportunities/projects that are a good fit by:
    • Recognizing projects that do not align with the business plan/function (E.g.; Municipal projects and bid-type scenarios) vs. projects that do align (E.g. Maintenance projects, non-bid projects, regional opportunities, stock material inquiries and vendor-specified projects).
    • Analyzing resources and capacity available to meet the project needs.

Providing Quotations

  • The Sales Account Manager shall provide quotations for all viable opportunities and be able to determine when a formal quote is needed.
    • Projects: S-type projects.
    • Stock Material: FRP Structural members, grating and/or hardware.
    • Products: Markers, decals, etc.
  • Sales Account Manager should identify product application(s), determine usability and select the correct products for an opportunity.

Pricing Strategies

  • The Sales Account Manager should use company pricing standards and appropriate margins to offer adequate pricing for new sales leads, existing customers and more based upon repeat business vs. new customer, size of the opportunity and market value — in that order.
  • Sales Account Manager should create, maintain and distribute custom price lists (when required) for large accounts.

Following Up/Lead Tracking

  • The Sales Account Manager should follow up on open quotes, pending orders, etc. on a regular basis to understand and stay current on all opportunities.
    • All opportunities should be followed up on within two weeks from time of original quotation and further beyond that, when deemed necessary.
  • Track all leads/opportunities via Lead Tracking Report and update Lead Tracking Report daily for internal use and forecasting.

Order Entry

  • The Sales Account Manager should be able to handle all aspects of order entry within the ERP software.
  • Sales Account Manager should be able to identify issues, concerns and ways to improve current order-entry process and make suggestions for a smoother process.

Handling Customer Interactions

The Sales Account Manager should maintain consistent contact with all accounts directly or indirectly under their purview, including but not limited to in-person visits, web/video calls, phone calls and email.

Working with Team Members

Sales Account Manager should work with other teammates to learn, understand and execute our processes efficiently.

Team members include but are not limited to:

  • Sales Manager: Discuss opportunities with Sales Manager until comfortable making decisions without direct oversight.
  • Project Management Specialist: Learn from PMS our typical project order of operations and perform project hand-off to PMS when required.
  • Operations Manager: Discuss invoicing and other items with Operations Manager when required.

Offering Input on Company Direction

The Sales Account Manager should be able to troubleshoot issues and offer ways for us to improve toward our future goals.

Customer Relationship Management

Sales Account Manager should have a clear and current understanding of our customers’ short- and long-term business goals and opportunities.

  • Material usage: Forecasting, capacity projections, etc.
  • Company outlook: Is customer in a growth, maintenance or other phase?
  • New opportunities: Are there new products, services, etc. we can offer to capture additional business from an existing customer?


  • The Sales Account Manager should be able to handle both small and large projects/customers.
  • Sales Account Manager should be able to close on new business opportunities without direct assistance.
  • Sales Account Manager should be able to use common business strategies to capture new/additional business from both existing and non-existing clients.
    • Inventory programs: VMI/consignment, blanket orders.
    • Value-add services: Engineering, drafting and design, freight/logistics.
    • Fabrication capabilities: Fabricate-to-stock, production-style fabrication.

Fill-in Duties
The Sales Account Manager should be able to handle day-to-day duties of Sales Manager and Inside Sales Representative when/if needed.

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