Oil & Gas

Constant exposure to salt water and salt air is a challenge for offshore rigs and oil and gas refineries. Bedford has the solution. Our fiberglass reinforced plastic won’t corrode, rust or spark. So it’s ideal for handrails, stairs, platforms, catwalks and caged ladders. Structural FRP also offers the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight, so it’s easier to transport and install. You can also visit our Featured Projects page to see Bedford materials used in unique ways for a variety of industries.


Bedford FRP profiles and systems are available with a wide range of options, including fire-resistant resins and OSHA safety yellow color.

Offshore Rigs: Bedford fiberglass pultrusions are well suited for handrails, ladders, platforms, catwalks and more because they won’t rust, corrode or rot when exposed to salt air and water.

Refineries: Bedford’s fiberglass reinforced plastic won’t corrode in harsh refinery conditions, which means it lasts longer than traditional materials.

Oil and Gas Containment: Tank facilities are another corrosive environment where Bedford fiberglass reinforced plastic has the advantage. Ladders, catwalks, stairs and handrails made from fiberglass pultruded shapes are all recommended here.


  • Light weight, high strength — easier to transport and install with standard tools
  • Corrosion resistant — won’t rot or rust and absorbs minimal moisture
  • Humidity resistant — no shrinking or swelling
  • Impact resistant — fiberglass mat distributes the load to prevent surface damage
  • Safety — FRP is non-conductive and non-slip surfaces are available
  • Long-lasting — lower lifetime cost than traditional building materials
  • Low thermal conductivity — does not easily conduct heat or cold