Plant & Chemical Processing

Corrosion is a costly problem for the chemical processing industry. Bedford’s fiberglass reinforced plastic products offer a strong yet lightweight solution that won’t corrode like steel. With low maintenance over a longer life cycle, FRP pultrusions can save significant dollars compared to traditional building materials.


We manufacture durable, long-lasting structural fiberglass systems including handrails, FRP stairs, FRP platforms, FRP catwalks and ladders that stand up to harsh fumes and chemicals.

Chemical Processing Operations: Low-maintenance FRP works well in corrosive chemical plant environments. Ladders, stairs, handrails and catwalks are ideal applications for Bedford products.


  • Light weight, high strength — easier to transport and install with standard tools
  • Corrosion free — won’t rot or rust and absorbs minimal moisture
  • Safety — it’s nonconductive, it won’t spark, and non-slip surfaces are available
  • Long-lasting — lower lifetime cost than traditional building materials
  • Low maintenance — molded-through color does not require painting