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With ReadySpan Golf Course Bridges, you don’t have to sacrifice durability for aesthetics. The pre-engineered components have the strength to handle course traffic and maintenance vehicles, plus they won’t rust, rot or be affected by weather conditions. The result is a golf course bridge that blends in seamlessly with your course design and lasts for decades.

FRP Durability
FRP Durability
Quick Ship
Quick Ship
Easy to Install
Easy to Install
Attractive Aesthetics
Attractive Aesthetics
Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance
ReadySpan Golf Bridges

A Look That Lasts

Wood bridges rot. Steel bridges corrode. ReadySpan Golf Course Bridges last. That’s because the Bedford FRP structural components won’t rot, corrode, shrink, swell, warp or attract insects, and they’re resistant to extreme heat, rain, snow and high winds. The decking on ReadySpan Golf Course Bridges is made with WearDeck™, a fiberglass-reinforced lumber that has a wood finish nearly indistinguishable from wooden bridges.*

*Pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine is also available. 

Maintenance-Free Solution

Your ReadySpan Golf Course Bridge will last — virtually maintenance-free — for as long as 75 years. The color is ingrained throughout the FRP and composite materials, so your bridge will keep its like-new look. There’s no fading and no color lost to scrapes and scratches. You won’t lose any time or money repainting or re-staining because no color maintenance is needed, and you also won’t have to worry about the rust stains that appear on steel bridges from corrosion or the splintering and cracking common on wooden bridges. 

Design Options

So that ReadySpan Golf Course Bridges can blend easily into course designs, they’re available in several color options. They can cover spans up to 80', easily meeting any course need. You can choose from three guardrail options: decking only, decking with curbing, and decking with handrails. 

To make sure your bridge can handle the load demands, ReadySpan Golf Course Bridges are designed to carry pedestrians, golf carts and other vehicles up to 10,000 pounds. Plus, your bridge will be designed by Registered Professional Engineers to meet pedestrian, snow, wind, seismic and vehicle loads. 


  • Golf courses
  • New bridge installations
  • Replacement bridge installations

Time-Saving Installation Options

  • Completely pre-assembled for immediate installation with abutments prepared and built in advance
  • In modules that require limited assembly on site
  • As a kit for complete assembly in the field

Specification Highlights

FRP Golf Course Bridges

Complete specification details will be provided with your quote, but this information will give you an overview of the high quality you can expect from Bedford ReadySpan Golf Course Bridges.

FRP Composites
ReadySpan bridge systems are fabricated from high-strength E-glass and isophthalic polyester resin for strength and durability. Unless specified otherwise, the minimum thickness of FRP composite shapes shall be 0.25′. Contact Bedford for complete specifications.

Railings And Trusses
ReadySpan Golf Course Bridge configurations include decking only, decking with curbing, and decking with handrails. When handrails are used, they will be a minimum of 54” above the floor deck. Bridges 50′ or longer will have a trussed design.

The most common options are olive green and brown, and additional color options are available. Because Bedford integrates color during manufacturing, no painting is needed.

American Made
ReadySpan Golf Course Bridges are engineered and produced in Bedford’s facilities in Pennsylvania. Design, engineering, fabrication, testing, assembly and shipping services are all handled in house.

Renderings ReadySpan's FRP Golf Course Bridges


Is FRP really a better choice than traditional wood, steel and aluminum?
Yes! Bedford FRP offers all the strength of traditional materials while providing advanced protection against harsh weather, rot, rust, corrosion and more. Because FRP is pound for pound as strong as steel but at a significantly lower weight, it’s much easier to transport to the installation site and there’s less risk of causing damage to the surrounding area.

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How can I get an estimate for my golf course bridge?
We’re here to help. You can use our online form to request a quote, call us at 814-623-8125 or email us here.

Custom-Engineered Solutions Available

In most cases, you can meet your exact needs with ReadySeries materials. But if your configuration calls for a custom fit, all of Bedford’s resources are at your service. We have a state-of-the-art custom fabrication center, design and engineering services, and an experienced team at the ready.

Questions? Contact us today!

Bedford has been manufacturing trusted FRP solutions since 1974, and our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to customer service. Whether you have questions about ReadySeries materials or just want advice on the best solution for your application, we’re here to help.