Location: Carlin, Nevada

Barrick Mines Cooling Tower

This gold mine operation needed a water cooling tower built for a harsh high-desert climate. The contractor chose PROForms® FRP structural shapes because of their strength and corrosion resistance, as well as Bedford’s shorter lead times.


Barrick Goldstrike Mines needed to pump groundwater out of its underground mining operations. But environmental regulations required that 130˚F to 140˚F water to be cooled to the nearby river’s temperature (32˚F to 80˚F) before being released into the river. The tower design needed to allow for substantial seasonal temperature variances as well as extreme weather. Contractor Hamon Cooling Towers selected FRP (fiberglass-reinforced plastic or fiberglass-reinforced polymer) as an alternative to wood and concrete because it’s high strength, lightweight and extremely stable.


Hamon chose Bedford to supply PROForms® FRP structural members based on our cooling tower experience, fabrication capabilities and capacity to deliver within a tight schedule. Our CNC routers helped shorten lead times as well. In all, Bedford shipped 29 flatbed trucks loaded with PROForms® structural members, including square tubes, angles, channels and deck board. The composite materials were manufactured with fire retardant resin and surfacing veil for UV protection. Today, Bedford FRP continues to deliver excellent performance on the site with minimal maintenance required.

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