Location: Bountiful, Utah

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

The picturesque Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Utah needed a bridge to span a vast canyon — but it required a remarkable feat of engineering and logistical coordination. The solution was a high-performing, low-maintenance FRP bridge from Bedford.


Avid Trails faced several challenges when contracted to build more than 20 miles of new trail for the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. One particular section of the project presented a significant obstacle — a bridge was needed to span 45 feet across Holbrook Canyon. However, accessing this remote canyon was extremely difficult, making it a demanding task. Additionally, there were no existing trails to transport the bridge from the offsite construction location to its designated spot. These challenges required innovative solutions to ensure the successful completion of the project.


To overcome the challenges, Avid Trails and Bedford devised a creative solution. Avid Trails chose a Bedford ReadySpan FRP bridge and constructed it offsite in a parking lot about a mile from the creek crossing. This approach allowed the team to work efficiently and effectively. Over the course of three days, five individuals built the bridge, ensuring it was sturdy and met the project’s specifications.

However, due to the lack of existing trails to transport the fully assembled bridge from the parking lot to its specified place, the bridge’s transportation required a touch of aviation prowess. Utilizing the power and precision of a Black Hawk helicopter, the bridge was carefully airlifted from the parking lot to its final location on the trail.

Avid Trails recognized the importance of choosing the right partner for this complex endeavor. Having worked with Bedford before, they were well aware of Bedford’s exceptional reputation for FRP products. Bedford’s ability to meet strict deadlines without compromising on product quality made them the top choice for this project. Despite facing competition from multiple other bids, Avid Trails selected Bedford because of their proven track record and the confidence they instilled in meeting the project’s requirements successfully.

The 50-foot bridge installation was successfully completed in late fall 2022, marking a significant milestone in the development of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

See the Action

Watch the video below to witness the breathtaking moment as the massive bridge defies gravity and is airlifted to new heights and put in place by a mighty Black Hawk helicopter!