Location: Charlotte, NC

Crossridge Fiberglass Pedestrian Bridge

Forest Pawtucket Neighborhood Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, is loved by local residents. To pass over the creek that runs through the park, a ReadySpan fiberglass pedestrian bridge was commissioned. The trail bridge was selected for quality, value and the inherent benefits FRP offers, including corrosion-resistance, low maintenance and longevity.


Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation had plans for a new neighborhood park. In addition to playground equipment and a shelter, the eight-acre park would feature paved and natural walking trails, and a trail bridge to cross the creek running through the nature area. In addition to meeting the pedestrian bridge specs, the department was looking for something that would need minimal maintenance and stand the test of time without rusting or corroding.


The Parks and Recreation department turned to Bedford to design and supply an 8-foot-wide by 50-foot-long fiberglass pedestrian bridge. The olive-green bridge with straight ends and southern yellow pine decking is a beautiful and functional solution for the park. The fiberglass bridge — completed in 2016 — was assembled on site, and is strong enough to handle 100 psf for pedestrian traffic and 20 psf of wind pressure. The community will enjoy the virtually maintenance-free trail bridge for decades to come.

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