Location: New York City

West Street Bridge

Just blocks from Ground Zero, thousands of New York pedestrians walk over a stretch of PROForms FRP deckboard on their daily commute. It all started with one contractor's search for a long-lasting alternative material.


Architects and municipal leaders charged Tully Construction with finding a decking material that would last — one that wouldn’t rot or corrode. They also didn’t want it to shrink or swell, causing nails and screws to pop up and pose a tripping hazard. And the surface needed to provide good traction for safety. Tully discovered FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer or fiberglass reinforced plastic) and Bedford responded promptly with samples and quotes. That response ultimately won Bedford the job.


Bedford supplied PROForms composite deckboard that snaps together without a lot of additional time-consuming fabrication. Tully had never worked with fiberglass structural shapes before, so they were surprised at how easy it was to work with and install. The contractor was so impressed with the composite material, they say they’ll use it again.

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