Pros Counter Corrosion with PROSeries

There’s been a lot of news lately about infrastructure failing throughout the country, primarily due to materials weakened by corrosion. Just as corrosion is causing safety issues with public bridges, overpass walkways, steel structures and more, it can also wreak havoc in industrial facilities. In fact, governments and businesses lose up to $500 billion annually because of corrosion.

Rusty Overpass Railing

It’s no wonder, then, that more and more industrial facilities and construction professionals are switching from steel to corrosion-resistant fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) structural materials like Bedford’s PROSeries. Replacing corroded fixtures, platforms, industrial walkways and other structures with corrosion-resistant PROSeries materials enhances safety. It also lowers the cost of ownership because PROSeries materials last years longer than steel and are virtually maintenance-free.

Understanding Corrosion

Corrosion is the deterioration of a material, primarily metal, caused by a reaction to its environment. The reaction is generally caused by exposure to moisture or chemicals. The most basic example is iron or steel exposed to water, which will cause rust to begin forming within hours. More resistive metals, such as aluminum and copper, still corrode but at a slower rate, and a treated metal like stainless steel will still corrode over time. Even if it didn’t, building an industrial platform out of stainless steel would be cost prohibitive.

To slow corrosion, metals are often painted or treated with an oxide coating. Moisture, heat, chemicals and more are a constant, though, so the metal requires ongoing maintenance, repair and eventual replacement. Continuously replacing weak, failing steel and aluminum structures because of rust and corrosion used to be an unfortunate cost of doing business, but the rise of FRP has changed that.

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The FRP Advantage

The fiberglass-reinforced plastic in Bedford PROSeries materials is highly resistant to corrosion. It doesn’t absorb water or react to it, and it’s unaffected by most chemicals. Compared to steel, PROSeries FRP structural materials offer significant advantages in industrial applications:

  • FRP is resistant to weather and chemicals, so it won’t rust or corrode
  • FRP maintains its structural integrity over time
  • Expansion and contraction of FRP is minimal, so joints won’t loosen and decay
  • Materials are available with safety yellow ingrained, so no painting is needed
  • FRP is virtually maintenance-free

Along with the anti-corrosion benefits for safety and durability, PROSeries materials also provide a lower cost of ownership. Pound for pound, FRP provides the strength of steel at significantly less weight, which lowers freight costs and reduces labor and equipment needs during installation. PROSeries materials can also be installed using standard tools, so no specialized labor, welding equipment or cutting torches are needed.

Installation Saws-All

Unlimited Possibilities

The PROSeries lineup offers a vast range of shapes, sizes and designs to meet almost any configuration need. The possibilities begin with PROForms® FRP structural shapes, a comprehensive array of both standard and custom FRP profiles. The selection includes angles, rods, tubes, beams, channel and more to meet any need. PROGrid® molded FRP grating provides a strong, impact-resistant, low-maintenance walking surface for worker safety. PROGrate® pultruded FRP grating is the stiffest and strongest FRP grating option. Many PROSeries components are in stock for timely shipping, and custom options are available as well.


For the fastest service, consider Bedford ReadySeries pre-engineered modular solutions. As a full-service partner, the Bedford team is here to help with everything from engineering services to product selection. Reach out with questions, request a quote or call 814-623-8125 to discuss your project.