Bedford FRP Is Ideal for Power-Generation Applications

Chemical tanks, natural gas and hydroelectric power plants, electrical power plants and other power-generation structures have unique safety needs. Not only are materials needed that resist corrosion and reduce the risk of shock, but extreme durability is also important because many structures have hard-to-reach areas that make replacement and repair expensive and time-consuming.

Fortunately, Bedford ReadySeries modular components meet all the challenges faced by energy stakeholders. Because ReadySeries materials are made from fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP), they can handle the demands of power-generation structures. FRP won’t shrink, swell, warp, corrode, dent or attract insects, so you can count on your ReadySeries structure to last for years. ReadySeries materials are also non-conductive and chemical resistant for added safety and durability.

Cross-Walk and Stairs

Safety + Speed

ReadySeries materials get their name because Bedford keeps a ready supply in stock for timely delivery. The OSHA-compliant, pre-engineered modular components bolt together easily with ordinary tools, and the wide range of sizes and shapes helps you meet virtually any configuration need. With a full line of ReadyPlatform, ReadyRail, ReadyStair and ReadyLadder components, you can quickly meet the structure safety needs of your power-generation facility.

For instance, if your facility has a chemical tank or utilizes corrosive environment in flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) processes, you can use chemical-resistant ReadySeries materials to strengthen the tank area and provide access points that won’t buckle under chemical exposure. You can also install ReadyRail guardrails at the top of the tank for a worker safety solution that lasts.

Pound for pound, FRP delivers the strength of steel at significantly less weight, reducing the risk of overloaded joints and connections while providing the strength needed for stable power-generation structures. So whether you have an electrical plant that needs reinforcement, a saltwater-resistant access platform for your hydroelectric plant or need to repair corroded columns around a chemical tank, ReadySeries has the strength and design flexibility to handle every need.

ReadyPlatform - Crosswalk w/ PROGrid Grating

Built-In Protection

Two of the biggest dangers at power-generation structures are the potential for electric shock and the risk of slipping on wet or damaged surfaces. All ReadySeries materials are non-conductive, and ReadyPlatform, ReadyStair and ReadyLadder floors and steps include anti-slip surfaces.

In addition, ReadySeries materials include fire-retardant resins and meet all load-bearing and fall-protection requirements. Plus, safety yellow coloring is integrated into each component, so it can’t fade or be scraped off.

Get Started

With nearly endless configuration possibilities, unmatched durability, resistance to chemicals and corrosion, and multiple safety features, Bedford ReadySeries FRP solutions are perfect for power-generation applications. Reach out to our experienced team with questions, request a quote or call 814-623-8125 to discuss your project.