A Detailed Look at ReadySpan FRP Bridges

You’ve probably read about the many advantages of Bedford ReadySpan bridges compared to those made with steel and wood, but what are the key features that make ReadySpan pedestrian, equestrian and light vehicle bridges truly stand out? Let’s break it down:

Durable Material

ReadySpan bridges are made with fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP), a high-quality material that won’t corrode, rot, warp or attract insects. FRP also won’t crack or split in high heat or extreme cold, and it won’t buckle under the weight of heavy snows, so it’s ideal for use in any climate.

Cost & Labor Savings

Pound for pound, FRP provides the strength of steel at significantly less weight, so freight costs are greatly reduced. The lighter weight also saves time and labor costs for transport to the installation site. In applications such as a trail bridge deep in a park, the easy transport pays even more dividends.

Time is also saved during installation. You have three time-saving options for delivery of your ReadySpan FRP bridge:

  • A kit for complete assembly in the field
  • In modules that require limited assembly
  • Completely pre-assembled

No special equipment and specialized labor, such as a welder, are needed. A ReadySpan FRP bridge installs easily with ordinary tools, and many components come pre-drilled to save installation time. FRP is also virtually maintenance-free, so the labor savings continue to add up year after year.

readyspan bridges


ReadySpan bridges are available in olive green and brown, so they blend nicely with a range of locations. The color is ingrained throughout the material, so it maintains a like-new appearance.

Bedford's range of standard sizes expands your design possibilities. Many upgrades are available, including ADA-compliant HD fiberglass decking, stainless-steel hardware and more. Plus, FRP material resists fading and won’t stain from rust, so the attractive look lasts and lasts.

Shortened Timeline

Every step of the process is done in-house, including engineering, pultrusion, fabrication, packaging and shipping. Because Bedford keeps a stock of ReadySpan components on hand, a typical ReadySpan FRP bridge can quoted, designed, fabricated and delivered in about 12 weeks.

readyspan bridge in factory

Understanding Material Codes

ReadySpan FRP bridges can span up to 100 linear feet without any intermediary support.

  • P-Series (for pedestrian traffic)
    • Span/length: 10' to 90'
  • PV-Series (for pedestrian or light vehicle traffic)
    • Span/length: 10' to 100'

How To Get Started

ReadySpan bridges are ideal for state parks, hiking and biking trails, ATV and equestrian trails, golf courses, new bridge installations and replacement bridge installations. Learn more about the different ways that Bedford's ReadySpan brides have been used. The experienced ReadySpan team will help you get the ideal FRP bridge for your application.

Reach out with questions, request a quote, or call 814-623-8125 to discuss your project.