With traditional building materials like wood, steel and aluminum, adding strength means adding size and weight. Bedford offers an alternative with more design flexibility. You can also visit our Featured Projects page to see Bedford materials used in unique ways for a variety of industries.


Structural FRP handrail and guardrail systems, parking garage and HVAC screens, enclosures, stairs, walkways and decking are some of the design options. Our engineers can also provide a custom solution.

University of the Incarnate Word Parking Garage, San Antonio, Texas
The University of the Incarnate Word wanted an aesthetically pleasing screen to camouflage their parking garage. The screen needed to protect against falls while keeping the garage open enough that a sprinkler system would not be required. Bedford supplied the gray fiberglass grating and green fiberglass beams, which provide an attractive yet durable solution.

University of Houston Parking Garage, Houston, Texas
The University of Houston needed an aesthetically pleasing product that would deliver long life with little or no maintenance for this parking garage project. Bedford delivered, with engineering, design and complete fabrication of the architectural modules including I-beam fiberglass pultrusions and pultruded fiberglass tubing (including square tubes and round tubes).


  • Light weight, high strength — may reduce support requirements
  • Corrosion resistant — fiberglass structural shapes won’t rot, rust, warp or bow
  • Long-lasting — lower lifetime cost than traditional building materials
  • Dimensional stability — no shrinking or swelling
  • Nonconductive — won’t conduct electricity
  • Nonmagnetic — can be used around sensitive electronic equipment
  • Low thermal conductivity — it’s a good insulator
  • RF transparent — doesn’t interfere with radio waves
  • Impact resistant — distributes impact load to prevent surface damage