Image of automotive tire driving over PROGrid high load capacity FRP molded grating.

PROGrid High Load Capacity Molded Grating

Bedford’s PROGrid High Load Capacity (HLC) molded FRP grating is high-strength, corrosion-resistant and low-maintenance — just like our PROGrid molded grating products. Plus, it’s engineered to carry higher loads than steel grating and other traditional types. Our molded HLC grating is available in 4' x 6' panels with 1 1/2" and 2" thicknesses and comes in GPFR, IFR and VFR resin systems in standard gray.

Available Colors:  
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Available Resin Systems

PROGrid HLC molded grating is available in three resin systems, each providing different levels of corrosion protection. All three resin systems meet Class 1 Flame Spread Rating per ASTM E-84 test standards.

GPFR: A general-purpose orthophthalic polyester resin system that offers good corrosion resistance at an economical price.

IFR: A premium-grade isophthalic polyester resin system that provides excellent corrosion protection.

VFR: A vinylester resin system that provides the highest level of corrosion protection.

NOTE: Load carrying bars are oriented to run in the 6′ dimension of the panel. Panels furnished with closed bars on all sides.

Graphic showing dimensions of 4' by 6' finished structural fiberglass panel size.


  • Flooring, platforms and ramps
  • Storage areas
  • Assembly lines
  • Long-span walkways
  • Trench covers with vehicular traffic


  • High strength
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Low conductivity
  • Fire retardant
  • Low maintenance

Allowable Spans for Vehicular Loads

Allowable Spans for
Vehicular Loads

Wheel Load (lb)
(½ Axle Load + 30% impact)

Load Distribution

Allowable Span in Inches

to Axle1

to Axle1

1.5″ Deep HLC
Molded Grating

2″ Deep HLC
Molded Grating

AASHTO Standard Truck4
32,000 lb Axle Load – Dual Wheels
(*formerly AASHTO H-20)


20″ + 4″




Automobile Traffic
5,000 lb Vehicle – 1,500 lb Load
55% Drive Axle Load


8″ + 4″




5 Ton Capacity Forklift
14,400 lb Vehicle – 24,400 lb Total Load
85% Drive Axle Load


11″ + 4″




3 Ton Capacity Forklift
9,800 lb Vehicle – 15,800 lb Total Load
85% Drive Axle Load


7″ + 4″




1 Ton Capacity Forklift
4,200 lb Vehicle – 6,200 lb Total Load
85% Drive Axle Load


4″ + 4″




NOTES: Allowable Spans for Vehicular Loads

  • Load is carried by the grating load bars immediately under wheel + four additional load bars adjacent to wheel.
  • Allowable Span is based on a 0.25″ maximum deflection and a Factor of Safety of 3.0. Other criteria may be required by certain construction codes. Check code requirements to determine design criteria.
  • ALLOWABLE SPAN IS STRONGLY DEPENDENT ON WHEEL WIDTH AND VEHICLE WEIGHT/LOAD CAPACITY. If your application varies from the values given on this table, contact Bedford for application assistance.
  • Load based on the AASHTO Standard Truck Load as defined in AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, 2nd Ed. This does not imply that the allowable span meets the deflection requirements of this specification.

Chemical Resistance Guide

Chemical Resistance Guide

Get detailed tables on chemical compatibility based on resin manufacturers’ data, including maximum allowable concentrations and temperatures.

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