Location: Houston, Texas

Children’s Museum of Houston

The Children’s Museum of Houston needed a durable, lightweight material that was also aesthetically pleasing for its courtyard fence. Bedford provided all of the above with a bright, interactive, kid-friendly product.


The museum and its architects were looking for a composite material that was both functional and visually appealing. PROForms FRP structural shapes made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer provided the strength they wanted with the flexibility to create their design vision.


Through our representative, Engineered Processes Inc., Bedford provided complete pultrusion and fabrication of the architectural fencing, including wide-flange beams and flatsheet in custom colors and designs. The finished product features bright, eye-catching colors and interactive spinning apples and oranges, as well as birds and squirrels.

No heavy equipment was needed in the installation and assembly stages, saving the client money on cranes and heavy equipment rentals. No specialized permits were needed for welding, cutting or grinding, either. Sections were all prefabricated and assembled by Bedford, which reduced the installation time.

The Museum, architects and the construction company were pleased with the look, quality and delivery of all the pultruded fiberglass materials Bedford supplied for this project. After everything was installed, Hurricane Ike passed through the area, unleashing havoc across the city. The PROForms FRP fence withstood hurricane-force winds and rain and survived intact with only minor scratches.

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