Location: Houston, Texas

University of Houston Parking Garage

The University of Houston and its architects needed an aesthetically pleasing product that would deliver long life with little or no maintenance for this parking garage project.


In addition to the aesthetic and maintenance requirements, the time schedule was tight, and heavy equipment was not allowed around the garage after the blacktop was poured.


Bedford provided engineering, design, pultrusion and complete fabrication of the architectural modules (including PROForms® structural fiberglass I-beams, square tubes and round tubes, as well as PROGrid® FRP molded grating panels) through its representative, Engineered Processes Inc. With Bedford’s wide variety of shapes, we were able to incorporate the design the architect envisioned.

Bedford’s material was pigmented all the way through with the same color, then painted with a paint coating for added protection against the elements — virtually eliminating the need for future painting, pressure washing or scraping. No specialized permits were needed for welding, cutting or grinding; modules were all bolted together and came pre-assembled to the jobsite.

Because FRP structural members weighs less than traditional building materials, crews were able to do 90 percent of the work from the top of the garage down with no heavy equipment on the ground. The client saved money by not needing cranes or heavy equipment rentals to lift the material, an expense that aluminum or steel would require.

The University, architects and the construction company were pleased with the look, quality and on-time delivery of all the composite materials Bedford supplied for this project. From longevity and low maintenance to the ease of installation, FRP proved to be the best value for the project.

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