Location: Flintstone, Maryland

Rocky Gap State Park Pedestrian Bridge & Boardwalk

This breathtaking 3,000-acre state park needed a pedestrian bridge to integrate into its picturesque nature trail system that looped around the lake. The solution was a high-performing, low-maintenance FRP bridge from Bedford that will last for years to come.


Rocky Gap State Park had a walking trail that circled its scenic 243-acre Lake Habeeb, and part of that trail went on a vehicle access road. Even when drivers maintain safe speeds and drive cautiously, heavy pedestrian traffic on a road created for vehicles still presents a risk of danger. That’s why Rocky Gap State Park aimed to create a safer walking environment for its pedestrians — and get them off the road.


To reroute people to a safer trail, Rocky Gap State Park partnered with Excavating Associates and Bedford and chose to install a ReadySpan fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) pedestrian bridge. Together, the teams developed a 200-linear-foot FRP bridge and boardwalk system that integrated with the trail around the lake and allowed hikers and bikers to get off the road and safely continue on the trail.

This unique project yielded a 40′ by 5′ pedestrian bridge located between sections of 10′ by 5′ boardwalks. Bedford’s ReadySpan bridge was a perfect fit for the state park thanks to its many strengths. The coordinating color and design blend in seamlessly with the natural surroundings. The durable FRP material offers corrosion resistance and performs extremely well compared to steel and wood in lakeshore areas like Rocky Gap.

Because FRP structural members weigh less than traditional building materials, the Rocky Gap bridge was easy to assemble onsite, transport and put into place. The bridge was installed within one day, and there was no need for additional labor costs or welding expenses.

What’s more, the Rocky Gap project met all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications, and the boardwalk features hand railings on both sides, as well as safety rails.

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