Important Update on Resin Sealing

We have streamlined our manufacturing process to save our customers time and money by eliminating resin sealing, which has been shown to be unnecessary.

Resin sealing is no longer available

Extensive testing has proved that sealing offers no significant gains in the long-term performance of the composite shapes. For this reason, we are no longer offering resin sealing.

In the past, Bedford has offered resin sealing of cut edges and drilled or machined holes in our PROForms® pultruded shapes at an additional cost. However, this process adds unnecessary cost and extends project lead times.

Check you specs

If resin sealing is included in any specifications we receive (e.g., due to “cut and paste” spec writing), those specs will need to be rewritten accordingly. If you have any questions, please contact us.

This change is a result of our efforts to continually ensure our manufacturing standards are based on delivering efficient, high-quality solutions that meet your specifications.