Rebuilding with FRP Grating and Structural Shapes

FRP fishing pier.

Our thoughts are with the victims of Hurricane Matthew, the world’s most powerful storm since 2007. The aftermath is proving to take a toll on many countries including Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and the United States. Now that the storm has passed, families are left with severe flooding, a lack of resources, and the task of rebuilding their homes and communities.

Our hope is that the affected areas can be rebuilt to be more structurally sound and weather resistant, lessening future hurricane destruction. Affected areas such as fishing piers, boat docks, pedestrian bridges, and industrial structures have the opportunity to be built back up stronger, safer, and more hurricane resistant.

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) molded grating, pultruded grating, and structural shapes greatly increase structural strength so projects can stand up against hurricane weather and wind, as well as years of salt-water exposure. Designed with the strength of steel, but lighter weight, FRP can be shipped and installed in the affected areas much easier.

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