Location: Cumberland Valley, PA

Lake Koon Fishing Pier & Kayak Launch

This popular recreation spot needed better access for handicapped anglers and kayakers. The community found the solution with a low-maintenance FRP bridge/dock system that can be used year-round.


Inspired by a local outdoorsman, the Lake Koon planning committee spent years researching solutions for better handicap access. On their wish list: an accessible dock system that was virtually maintenance-free. That’s when they found Bedford’s sister company, Ohney Docks, and discovered the advantages of fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP).


Bedford designed the dock system complete with handrails and guardrails, an accessible kayak launch and a barefoot-friendly surface. The FRP components won’t rust or rot, no paint or stain is required, and the dock can be used year-round. Maintenance is minimal and feedback has been extremely positive on the dock’s appearance and stability. Best of all, more people can now enjoy recreation at the lake.

Check out the West Street Bridge to learn more about the benefits of FRP.