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Location: Cumberland Valley, PA

Lake Koon Fishing Pier & Kayak Launch

This popular recreation spot needed better access for handicapped anglers and kayakers. The community found the solution with a low-maintenance FRP bridge/dock system that can be used year-round.


Inspired by a local outdoorsman, the Lake Koon planning committee spent years researching solutions for better handicap access. On their wish list: an accessible dock system that was virtually maintenance-free. That’s when they found Bedford’s sister company, Ohney Docks, and discovered the advantages of fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP).


Bedford designed the dock system complete with PROForms® handrails, an accessible kayak launch and a barefoot-friendly surface. The FRP components won’t rust or rot, no paint or stain is required, and the dock can be used year-round. Maintenance is minimal and feedback has been extremely positive on the dock’s appearance and stability. Best of all, more people can now enjoy recreation at the lake.