FRP Is Built to Outlast Mother Nature

If not for Mother Nature, nearly all materials would last a long time. Because we can’t control Mother Nature, we need to control the materials we use. Perhaps the best example of how pultruded and molded FRP materials hold up under extreme conditions is their use around offshore rigs and refineries.

These structures need to withstand constant exposure to salt water and salty sea air, not only to maintain operation but also to maintain safe conditions for everyone there. Because FRP won’t corrode, rust or spark, it’s the ideal choice for everything from handrails and stairs to platforms, catwalks and ladders.

Along with the protection of people and production, Bedford products also provide a great economic value to rigs and refineries. They offer the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight, making them easier to move and install so that customers save on transportation and installation costs. And because they don’t corrode from saltwater or overall rig and refinery conditions, they last longer than traditional materials, greatly reducing downtime and retrofit costs.

If FRP can handle offshore conditions, it can handle anything. Check out the many benefits of Bedford products for the oil and gas industry, and every industry, today.