Roof Access Ladders Made Easy

With a range of OSHA requirements and often additional codes to meet, installing a fixed ladder system for safe, convenient access to roofs, mezzanines, rooftop hatches and more can seem complicated. Fortunately, Bedford has simplified roof access ladder installation with ReadyLadder, because OSHA-compliant features are built in.

Unlike ladders that are painted yellow, ReadyLadder components have OSHA-compliant safety yellow integrally pigmented throughout the ladder, so it can’t fade or get scratched away over time. The material is also made using flame-retardant resins and UV inhibitors. Nonslip rung surfaces are standard, and they meet OSHA access ladder requirements for load and design. ReadyLadder solutions also meet ANSI and IMC fixed ladder standards. Simply put, regardless of your configuration, ReadyLadder takes compliance worries away.

For additional safety, ReadyLadder fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials won’t shrink or rot like wood and won’t rust or corrode like metal. They won’t conduct electricity, reducing the risk of shock. Plus, they have low thermal conductivity, so your access ladder remains stable because any expansion or contraction is minimal.

Choosing Your Ladder Configuration

The purpose of a fixed interior or exterior roof access ladder is to ensure safe and reliable access to areas of higher elevation, whether it’s the roof, a platform, a mezzanine and more. To make sure your safety ladder for roof access is fully functional and accessible, it needs to be customized for your space.

Again, ReadyLadder makes that easy for you. The pre-engineered FRP sections are available in 10' and 15' increments, so you can simply bolt them together to fit your configuration. If needed, you can trim one section using ordinary tools to get an exact fit. You won’t have to worry about bringing in a welder or a special installer.

In addition to easy height configuration, ReadyLadder solutions integrate seamlessly with other ReadySeries products, so whether you need roof access stairs, a roof ladder platform, a safety ladder for access to a mezzanine platform — or just about any configuration you can think of — you can get a true safety solution that’s low maintenance and built to last.

ReadyLadder even adapts easily to different architecture. For example, if your roof has a parapet, which is an extension of the wall to create a safety barrier around a roof, you can simply configure your ReadyLadder system to match that height. That’s also a great spot to add a walk-through for increased safety.

ReadyLadder FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help ensure you install your fixed roof access ladder with confidence.

What are the most common ladder violations cited by OSHA?
Each year, OSHA publishes a list of ten most frequently cited violations so that employers can address them and avoid citation. Ladders made the most recent list for violations due to insufficient load requirements, not being surfaced properly to prevent injury, and more. Because ReadyLadder solutions are OSHA compliant, these citations won’t happen to you.

What is the purpose of a fixed access ladder?
It’s all about safety. Portable ladders can slide, tip or collapse, plus they can be damaged when moved. A fixed access ladder is securely and permanently mounted to the structure. So whether you need access to a roof, chimney, tower, platform and more, a fixed ReadyLadder system provides solid footing for the climb.

At what height does a ladder need a cage?
OSHA changed its guidelines in 2017, no longer accepting cages as compliant fall protection in fixed ladder applications. Instead, a personal fall arrest system is required for fixed ladders that extend beyond 24 feet. When you work with our knowledgeable ReadyLadder team, we’ll help ensure that your system meets OSHA requirements.

Here to Help

Our expert team has decades of experience with fixed access ladders and other safety solutions. If you have questions or want to request a quote, don’t hesitate to reach out or call 814-623-8125.