Industrial Platforms Add Safety and Productivity

In many industrial facilities and warehouses, the main floor is a hotbed of activity with people, equipment and machinery in constant motion. The space is simply too active and too valuable to bring duties to a halt just so someone can get from point A to point B.

Raised industrial work platforms, walkways and crossovers keep people out of harm’s way by routing them over obstacles and machinery. In addition, they raise productivity by improving access to equipment and controls, allowing staff to get to where they need to go for maintenance and other needs without requiring a shutdown of the main floor. ReadyPlatform pre-engineered platforms and catwalks make it easy to install a fixed work platform just right for your application.

Because ReadyPlatform offers modular solutions, you have the versatility to meet almost any configuration need. They can be designed to go over obstacles, around corners, up multiple floors and more. So whether you need an access platform, catwalk, warehouse mezzanine or a multi-floor walkway, you can get just what you need. A wide variety of heights is available, and ReadyPlatform components can handle a load up to 60 pounds per square foot.

Safety Is Built In

Every aspect of a ReadyPlatform modular FRP platform and catwalk system meets strict OSHA guidelines for worker safety, including meeting all load-bearing and fall protection requirements. Components feature anti-slip surfaces, safety yellow coloring and fire-retardant resins. They’re designed to handle heavy load requirements. All ReadyPlatform industrial walkways and catwalks include ReadyRail guardrail that protects against falls and spills. They can also include ReadyLadder or ReadyStair components for safe access.

Plus, unlike aluminum platforms, ReadyPlatform FRP components won’t conduct electricity, increasing safety by reducing the risk of shock. They also have low thermal conductivity, reducing expansion and contraction so your industrial walkways and catwalks remain stable. You’ll have a platform, walkway or mezzanine that will last for years to come without causing you any worries about rust, corrosion, warping, weather issues and more.

Important Requirements

In 2017, OSHA updated its requirements for work platforms, known as walking-working surfaces, and the access ladders or stairs to get to the platforms. ReadyPlatform systems comply with all current OSHA guidelines, including the latest updates:

  • The platform must be capable of supporting at least four times its rated capacity.
  • The platform's height cannot exceed four times its base width without additional stabilizing support.
  • Any working surface 4' or higher must be protected with guardrails on all sides at least 42" tall and have to withstand 200 pounds of force.
  • Stairs should have a uniform step interval of no more than 9.5", a tread depth of at least 9.5", and a width of at least 22".

ReadyPlatform FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help ensure you install your ReadyPlatform industrial platforms, walkways, catwalks and mezzanines with confidence.

What is an industrial platform?
An industrial platform is a raised platform that helps workers safely walk over obstacles or more safely and efficiently access equipment or controls. An industrial platform can also be the landing area for each turn or floor of a stair tower.

What are the components of walking-working surface platform construction?
The components of an industrial platform or walkway include the raised platform that forms the landing or walking surface, posts to support the platform, stairs or a ladder for reaching the platform, and a guardrail/handrail system for fall protection. ReadyPlatform solutions include everything you need to get the configuration you want and ensure OSHA compliance.

Will I need to hire a welder to install ReadyPlatform?
Not at all. ReadyPlatform materials easily bolt together onsite using ordinary tools. There’s no welding and no special equipment is needed. The modular components are available in 3' x 3' increments with heights of 1' 6", 3', 4' 6" and 6'. You can also add ReadyStair, ReadyLadder or ReadyRail components for your ideal configuration, all without welding.

What is the difference between an industrial catwalk and a walkway?
Walkways keep people from walking into dangerous areas, allow safe access to equipment, and permit safe observation of plant operations. A catwalk is a type of walkway, and usually the term refers to a walkway that is up high and is often narrow. Whether freestanding on industrial posts, attached to the side of the facility, or hung from the ceiling, a catwalk or elevated walkway should be made of a durable material like ReadyPlatform FRP components to maintain safe conditions over time.

Here to Help

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