Choose ReadyPlatform for Headache-Free Safety Solutions

You have enough to worry about with safety concerns hanging over your head – or under your feet. Industrial platforms, catwalks and walkways made of steel or aluminum can go from pristine to hazardous quickly as surfaces become uneven due to weakened joints from corrosion and heavy weight, dents, scrapes and faded coloring. They also conduct electricity, increasing the risk of shock.

According to OSHA, slips, trips and falls are among the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths. To help reduce the risk, OSHA adopted the “Final Rule for Walking-Working Surfaces” in 2016. It's estimated that the Final Rule prevents 29 worker deaths and 5,842 lost-workday injuries each year, with a monetized benefit of $614.5 million.

Bedford ReadyPlatform pre-engineered solutions follow the Final Rule, helping industrial facilities utilize best practices for safety solutions. Every ReadyPlatform modular platform and catwalk system meets strict OSHA guidelines for worker safety:

  • Meets all load-bearing and fall-protection requirements
  • Designed to handle heavy load requirements
  • Components feature anti-slip surfaces and fire-retardant resins
  • Safety yellow coloring is integrated into the material, so it can’t fade or be scraped off

In addition, ReadyPlatform industrial walkways and catwalks are made with fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP). Pound for pound, it delivers the strength of steel at significantly less weight, reducing the risk of overloaded joints and connections. Plus, FRP components won’t conduct electricity, increasing safety by reducing the risk of shock.

In addition to anti-slip surfaces, all ReadyPlatform industrial walkways and catwalks include ReadyRail guardrail that protects against falls and spills. They can also include ReadyLadder or ReadyStair components for safe access. ReadyPlatform is also impact-resistant, so if a tool or heavy item gets dropped, there isn't going to be a dent that could cause someone to trip or stumble.

Platform Grating


Bedford has been a leader in structural components for decades, and we've worked on a vast range of configurations. ReadyPlatform solutions were developed specifically to meet any configuration need without requiring the time and expense of a custom design.

Because ReadyPlatform offers modular solutions, you have the configuration flexibility to go over obstacles, around corners, up multiple floors and more. So whether you need an access platform, catwalk, warehouse mezzanine or a multi-floor walkway, you can get just what you need. A wide variety of heights is available, and ReadyPlatform components can handle a load up to 60 pounds per square foot.

Mezzanine ReadyPlatform

Lower Cost of Ownership

FRP is lighter and much more durable than steel, so ReadyPlatform solutions save you money early on as well as over time. The lighter weight of ReadyPlatform solutions reduces shipping costs to your jobsite. You'll also save on installation costs because the lighter weight makes FRP easy to handle and move without added labor or equipment. And while installing a metal structure can require special skilled labor and equipment, such as a welder or cutting torch, ReadyPlatform solutions install easily with ordinary tools.

Lightweight Grating
Lightweight Grating

The increased safety benefits of FRP may lower your insurance costs, and you'll save throughout the life of your platform because FRP is virtually maintenance-free. And, of course, since ReadyPlatform components are corrosion- and impact-resistant, the lifespan of your platform will be much longer than you can expect from metal. They're also ideal for applications with exposure to humidity, saltwater and chemicals.

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ReadyPlatform components are stocked for timely shipping, so you can install a safe, long-lasting industrial platform, walkway or mezzanine without waiting for a custom design.

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