How to Assemble a Bedford Modular FRP Platform in 7 Easy Steps

In a previous blog, we shared a Complete Guide to Bedford’s ReadySeries FRP Solutions that provided an overview of the benefits of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and Bedford’s ReadySeries product lineup. Now, we want to zero in on the assembly aspect of these bolt-together modular solutions and demonstrate how quick and easy it is to install our ReadyPlatform prefabricated FRP platforms and related components.

Whether your configuration requires a walkway, mezzanine, catwalk or other structure, all components are included with your shipment, so just follow the steps below for easy onsite assembly with ordinary tools.

Stand Up the Frames

The frames create the “legs” that will hold up your FRP platform. There will be two frames for every section of your ReadyPlatform structure. Stand them on edge as shown in their approximate installation positions. You’ll finalize the positions later as you assemble the other components.

Select the Top Kit

Position the platform as shown.

Attach the Top Kit

Use the bolts, washers and nuts in your ReadyPlatform hardware kit to attach the platform top to the frames. Use two bolts at each connection location.

Attach the Braces

Use the bolts, washers and nuts to attach the braces at a cross-angle as shown on each side of the platform.

Attach the Guardrails

Position each ReadyRail guardrail section as shown, using two spacers per guardrail to support the connection. Attach the guardrails using the bolts, washers and nuts provided.

Attach the Stairs

There is a separate hardware packet for each ReadyStair kit. Position the stairs as shown and attach using the longer bolts, washers and nuts in the hardware packet.

Side-Mount Option

If mounting the stairs to the side of the FRP platform, use the longer bolts provided in the hardware packet.

Attach the Stair Rails

Attach the pre-assembled ReadyRail kit to the stairs using the spacers, bolts, washers and nuts as shown. Railings work on either side. Secure the stairs to the floor (hardware not provided) using screws or bolts appropriate for your flooring material.

That’s all there is to it! Once assembled, your ReadyPlatform is ready for decades of use, offering the ultimate in strength, performance and corrosion resistance

Many configurations of Bedford’s ReadySeries FRP composite products can be created. If you’re adding a ReadyLadder or wish to add one later, separate installation instructions will be provided with your ReadyLadder product.

Built for Safety

ReadyPlatform products cut installation time without cutting corners, so you’ll never have to worry about meeting OSHA guidelines. Bedford fiber reinforced platforms, mezzanines, walkways and catwalks include anti-slip surfaces, safety yellow coloring and fire-retardant resins. The FRP platforms are light weight yet meet the demands of load-carrying conditions. Plus, they’re non-conductive and impact resistant for added safety.

Watch and Learn

Watch our video to discover more on how ReadyPlatform modular industrial access FRP platforms and catwalks are excellent for applications that do not require a custom build.

Download Instructions

For your convenience, you may download ReadyPlatform assembly instructions to your computer.

Ready to Get Started?

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