What to Look for When Choosing FRP Bridge Manufacturers

You’ve likely seen countless articles about the many benefits of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) compared to steel, aluminum and wood when building pedestrian, equestrian, light vehicle and golf course bridges. FRP doesn’t rust, corrode, rot, warp or attract insects, helping an FRP bridge last decades longer than other bridges while maintaining an attractive appearance. Plus, an FRP bridge is maintenance-free, ensuring a cost-effective bridge with long-term operational savings.

So the high quality of composite bridges is clear, but how do you know which FRP bridge manufacturer to choose? Use the checklist below to make sure your bridge design is in the hands of a qualified FRP bridge manufacturer.

FRP Bridge Manufacturer Checklist

FRP bridge installed in a park
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Experience matters. Regardless of the type of bridge project you have, don’t settle for promises that an FRP bridge manufacturer can produce it. Look for proof, especially an array of successful fiber-reinforced bridge installations in a variety of settings. Your FRP bridge manufacturer should be able to direct you to a showcase of completed projects and be able to provide customer references.

Rather than make you nervous, your FRP bridge manufacturer should be able to ease all worries by utilizing Registered Professional Engineers and providing data showing that all bridge components will meet pedestrian, snow, wind, seismic and vehicle loads. You should also be able to view how that manufacturer produces FRP and bridge deck materials to make sure their processes will deliver the high quality you want.

Two men working to install an FRP Bridge

A bridge project is no time to be vague. Any quote from an FRP bridge manufacturer should include complete specification details, and your representative should be able to answer any questions or bring in a Registered Professional Engineer to discuss the details. The quote should also provide details about the timeframe for the production and delivery of all FRP materials in your bridge design, the installation plan and more.

FRP materials are significantly lighter than steel, helping to lower transportation costs. But you also want to make sure your FRP bridge manufacturer offers other ways to help you get more from your investment. For instance, can the FRP bridge manufacturer help you reduce installation costs by shipping your pedestrian, equestrian, light vehicle or golf course bridge partially or fully assembled? Are the load-bearing components also made of reinforced polymer to ensure they can hold up against the elements to save you replacement costs? Will your bridge design truly be maintenance-free so you don’t have ongoing expenses?

Man riding a green ATV across an FRP Bridge

At Bedford, we’re proud that our ReadySpan pedestrian, equestrian, light vehicle and golf course bridges check every box. We’ve been manufacturing FRP materials and bridge components for a long time, and our list of successful bridge installations and happy customers continues to grow.

Want to go on a visual journey to discover how Bedford’s ReadySpan bridges excel in durability, innovation and efficiency? Watch our video for an in-depth look at how ReadySpan redefines the standards for bridge construction, providing unmatched strength and longevity.

Whether your bridge project is ready for a quote or in the early discussion stages, the ReadySpan bridge team is here to help. Give us a call at 814-623-8125 to discuss your project.