What Is FRP? (Video Series)

What is FRP? Fiberglass-reinforced polymer is a strong, lightweight building material that resists corrosion. FRP is sometimes called composite because it’s made of a combination of materials that work together for even stronger performance.

FRP is made up of several different components: fiberglass reinforcements, resin to bond those reinforcements, additives and fillers that provide specific performance attributes, and surface finishes that protect the profile.

The fiberglass reinforcements help carry the load and provide strength. The type, amount and orientation depend on the mechanical properties needed for the application. Resins work like glue to hold the fiberglass reinforcements together and transfer stress between them. The resin also protects the fibers.

Additives and fillers customize the properties of FRP. These additives help improve water resistance, weathering, dimensional stability and temperature resistance. And surface finishes are used to add UV protection and corrosion resistance.

Together, these components can be pultruded or molded into complex shapes for endless design possibilities. That makes FRP an excellent alternative to traditional building materials like steel, aluminum and wood. Bedford FRP is used in a wide variety of markets and products.

Consider FRP for your next building project.