15 Key Facts About FRP

It’s well known that Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer is strong, durable, and trustworthy — but it’s more than that. Yes, the strength and durability are great, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find the countless benefits it offers. Here are the 15 essential facts and benefits of FRP:

1. It’s one of the strongest and most durable materials in the world.

2. Unlike wood, it won’t warp, rot or decay from exposure to moisture — or succumb to corrosion, insects, mold or mildew.

3. It is highly corrosion resistant. Unlike steel, it won’t rust when it’s exposed to harsh weather and chemicals.

4. FRP weighs up to 75% less than steel but is equally strong. Pound for pound, FRP structural members are stronger than many steels in the lengthwise direction.

5. Unlike aluminum, it has low thermal conductivity, so it’s a good insulator. Compare FRP to three types of traditional building materials here.

6. Impact resistance means it keeps its shape through heavy handling and usage.

7. It’s transparent to radio, radar, and antenna transmissions (EMI/RFI).

8. FRP can be formed into unlimited profiles and shapes to fit your specific needs.

9. Using FRP reduces the cost of projects since it requires little maintenance and doesn’t need replaced.

10. It’s made using a pultrusion process where a machine grips the raw materials and “pulls” them through a series of steps until the finished profile reaches the cut-off saw.

11. It’s made out of a combination of:

  • Resin, such as polyester or vinylester
  • Reinforcements, such as fiberglass roving and mat
  • Additives, such as pigments, UV inhibitors, and fire retardants
  • Surface veil, which enhances corrosion resistance, UV protection, and appearance

12. Fabrication and assembly are easy to complete using standard tools — there’s no need for welders or cutting torches.

13. Molded-in color and resin options are available, including fire retardant.

14. FRP delivers exceptional durability without using environmentally hazardous coatings or preservatives.

15. Temperature resistance means it will keep a steady temperature and remain reliable even when the weather doesn’t.

There you have it, FRP really is the only building material you’ll ever need! Take a look at Bedford’s products to discover more about fiberglass durability and how you can use FRP in your line of business.