4 Impressive ReadySpan Footbridge Facts

FRP footbridges are perfect for pedestrian, equestrian, bike, golf and light vehicle use.

1. Every Bridge Is Made of Durable FRP

ReadySpan footbridges are lightweight, but heavy duty. They are constructed of high-strength, engineered, pultruded fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) structural profiles made in Pennsylvania. Pultrusion is a continuous manufacturing process that produces profiles with constant cross-sections, which results in a building material with higher tensile strength than typical structural steel yet weighs less than many options. This is especially important for easy transport to out-of-the-way sites.

2. Bridges are Pre-engineered for Rapid Response

Standard footbridge components are in stock and ready for immediate fabrication for quick shipping to wherever you need them. The wide range of standard sizes and profiles kept in stock expands rapid response design possibilities. Many upgrades and custom-engineered solutions are available.

3. Quick-build Design Makes Installation Easy

Whether the intended use is a pedestrian bridge, a trail bridge, a golf bridge, an ATV bridge or some combination, the footbridges are easy to assemble with standard tools. All components of ReadySpan bridges are shipped predrilled with the necessary hardware. Installation requires no special experience or tools, so bridges can be assembled by virtually anyone. Bridges can also be shipped as a kit for complete assembly in the field, in modules requiring limited assembly, or fully assembled.

4. The Footbridges Withstand Decades of Use with Minimal Maintenance

Made of FRP, ReadySpan footbridges outperform wood and steel bridges in the harshest environments. The pedestrian bridges are resistant to heat, high winds, rain, snow and saltwater. They won’t shrink, swell, warp, corrode or attract insects. All while meeting the demands of load-carrying conditions. The low-maintenance golf, trail and park bridges will stand up to decades of continuous use and come with an industry-leading warranty.

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