The ReadySpan Difference

What sets ReadySpan pedestrian bridges apart from bridges from other manufacturers? The obvious difference is that ReadySpan fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials don’t rust, warp, corrode or attract insects, so they last significantly longer than metal and wood bridges. But let’s look beyond the obvious (though FRP is a huge advantage for getting the most from your investment).

In the video below, ReadySpan Sales Account Manager Ted Harris gives you a high-level overview of what sets ReadySpan bridges apart to make sure that you have the quality you need so your bridge will last for decades. Then we’ll take a deeper dive into the details.

Engineering Services at No Additional Cost

Trail bridges. Golf bridges. Park bridges. ATV bridges. Industrial bridges. No matter your application, engineering services are needed to ensure your bridge is designed for the projected load, usage, climate and more.

Other manufacturers charge extra for these services, but Bedford considers them quality essentials that should be standard. That’s why every ReadySpan bridge includes custom engineering and structural analysis at no additional cost. Safety should never be an add-on or an option. For every bridge design, ReadySpan engineers account for the application needs as well as the region’s snow load, wind load and seismic load to help ensure long-term safety and performance.

As part of these engineering services, every ReadySpan bridge includes a registered professional engineer (RPE) stamped submittal package with CAD drawings and structural calculations. In many cases, the RPE submittal package is required for obtaining permits and/or insurance coverage. Again, other manufacturers charge extra for these or require you to hire an outside engineer, but ReadySpan includes the complete package as part of our standard service.

Intelligent Packaging

Once your trail bridge has been designed and manufactured, you’ll see the ReadySpan difference in our shipping options, too. ReadySpan pedestrian, equestrian and light vehicle bridge components can be shipped to your site in a convenient kit. All components are clearly labeled, so you won’t lose time trying to figure out what goes where.

You can also choose to have your ReadySpan bridge partially assembled in advance and shipped to you in modules for simple final assembly in the field. Or have your bridge arrive completely assembled so it can be easily dropped into your space and secured.

Because FRP materials are significantly lighter than steel and wood, you save on shipping costs and also enjoy easy transport and handling of materials at the project site.

Installation Ease

With ReadySpan, you don’t need to hire a contractor or haul a welder or industrial sander to your installation site. All materials assemble quickly and easily with ordinary tools. All of these projects were assembled in a breeze without any special equipment or experience. Because ReadySpan bridges are pre-engineered, you can count on every part to fit together perfectly.

As mentioned, you can also have your bridge shipped to the project site partially or completely pre-assembled.


ReadySpan bridges can handle heavy loads, harsh weather and that toughest opponent of all: time. When a wooden bridge fades and cracks, and a metal bridge becomes unsightly from rust stains and flaking paint, a ReadySpan bridge will still look pristine. The color is integrated into the components rather than brushed on, so it doesn’t fade and can’t peel off. FRP is also virtually maintenance free, so you won’t have to spend time repainting, scrubbing off rust, or spraying for insects.

Here to Help

You’ll see the ReadySpan difference in our knowledgeable team, too. From engineering and design to a deep understanding of bridge applications, our people are always happy to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any ReadySpan questions, request a quote, or call 814-623-8125 to discuss your project.