ReadySpan Pedestrian Bridge Purchase and Implementation Process

You’ve done your research and wisely concluded that a ReadySpan pedestrian, equestrian or light vehicle bridge is the way to go, but what’s involved in getting one? How do you get started? How long does it take? Bedford makes getting the bridge you want as easy as possible with the ReadySpan six-step process:

1.  Input Discussion

The most efficient way to start your ReadySpan bridge project is by contacting us to set up a time for a quick chat. The first question on every customer’s mind is “What does a prefabricated pedestrian bridge cost?” The answer, of course, is “It depends.” Before we can put together your pedestrian bridge specifications and cost estimate, we’ll go over the project with you to gather some details.

To make sure you get the durable, aesthetically pleasing bridge that will meet your needs — quickly and affordably — we’ll discuss the project with you. This is where we gather all the basics, such as how you expect your bridge to be used, the length and width needed, and whether it’s strictly a pedestrian bridge or if you expect horses, golf carts, utility vehicles or other traffic types. We’ll also go over your color preference, decking types and more.

Don’t worry, this initial talk isn’t a one-way conversation where we grill you with questions. It’s also a time where you can get answers from us about fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials, delivery, assembly and more. We’re here to help.

2.  Proposal Document

Once we have a good understanding of your bridge project, our engineering and design team will build a proposal based on the specifications covered in the input discussion. The proposal will include a design for a ReadySpan bridge engineered to handle the projected load, usage, climate and more.

The proposal will also include a budget for your approval. The estimate will cover everything, including freight to the jobsite, so you don’t have to worry about hidden surprises. Unlike other manufacturers, our engineering services are included at no additional cost, so you won’t have to worry about unexpected add-ons.

3.  Submittal Package

After the proposal has been finalized, the budget approved and you’ve placed your order, we’ll put together a submittal package with detailed CAD drawings and structural calculations stamped by a registered professional engineer (RPE). Again, ReadySpan includes this step as part of our standard service rather than charge extra or require you to hire an outside engineer.

This package includes the complete design and structural analysis needed to obtain local permits. If there’s anything else your locality requires, we’ll include that, too, so you’ll have everything needed to move your project forward.

4.  Fabrication & Shipping

After you give us the final go-ahead to manufacture your bridge, we’ll fabricate all the components under the controlled conditions of our facilities for precision and accuracy. At that point, you have three options for receiving your bridge:

  • Convenient Kit. All FRP components, decking and hardware are packaged and shipped to your jobsite for assembly. All parts are clearly labeled, so you won’t lose time trying to figure out what goes where.
  • Partial Assembly. Your ReadySpan bridge can be shipped to you in partially assembled modules that simplify installation even more.
  • Completely Pre-Assembled. We can also pre-build your bridge so that it can simply be dropped into place and secured.

The different delivery options are highly valued by ReadySpan customers. Park bridges and trail bridges are often in remote locations. Golf bridges are often in areas where it’s essential that the surrounding turf is not damaged. The light weight of FRP materials combined with the versatile shipping options make it easy to get the bridge or bridge components to the installation site.

5.  Installation

As part of the ReadySpan pre-engineering process, each component is fabricated to precision specifications, ensuring that they’ll fit together easily. All ReadySpan bridges assemble easily with ordinary tools, so you won’t need to have special skills, pay for a welder or rent special equipment.

6.  Enjoy!

Once installed, your bridge won’t require any regular or scheduled maintenance, so you can count on it for decades of service.

For more on the purchase and installation process, check out this video with ReadySpan Sales Account Manager Ted Harris.

Here to Help

Our knowledgeable team can help with your pedestrian bridge specifications, estimating the cost and more. Reach out with questions, request a quote, or call 814-623-8125 to discuss your project.