Material Selection for Facility Structures

A lot of factors go into the selection of construction materials during facility design. The top two should be safety and longevity. You want your structures to be safe and you want them to last. Affordability is a factor, of course, and in today’s world availability also plays an important role.

Only materials made with fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) like Bedford PROSeries and ReadySeries products check every box.

For instance, ReadyPlatform pre-engineered platforms, ReadyRail guardrail and handrail, and ReadyLadder and ReadyStair components all meet strict OSHA guidelines for worker safety, including meeting fall protection and anti-slip flooring requirements. Plus, unlike metal, ReadySeries solutions don’t conduct electricity.

Because FRP is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, insects, extreme weather and more, facility structures made with FRP last significantly longer than metal structures. The longevity contributes to the excellent return on investment, and costs are also saved upfront through reduced transportation and installation expenses. Virtually no maintenance is needed, further increasing long-term savings.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about using FRP materials in facility structures.

Facility Design FAQs

My facility structure requires high strength. Is FRP really a better choice than steel?
FRP has many advantages over steel for facility structures. Pound-for-pound Bedford PROSeries and ReadySeries components provide the strength of steel at a lower weight, which reduces freight costs and eases installation. Plus, because FRP is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, saltwater and more, FRP facility structures last significantly longer than steel structures.

What are the safety features of FRP facility structures?
A facility design using Bedford FRP has safety built in. For instance, all ReadySeries components are OSHA compliant. Safety features include yellow coloring, anti-slip surfaces, proper stair and railing heights and spacing, non-conductivity, corrosion resistance and more.

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