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Bedford’s ReadySpan high-strength, pre-engineered bridge systems are the perfect solution for pedestrian, equestrian and light vehicle applications. They are built tough to meet the demands of load-carrying conditions, yet the lightweight materials make them easy to transport to remote or difficult-to-access areas.

Using cutting-edge manufacturing processes, ReadySpan modular solutions are made of Bedford’s high-quality fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), so — unlike bridges made from traditional materials like wood and metal — they won’t shrink, swell, warp, rot, rust, corrode, attract insects or fail in extreme weather conditions. They are easy to install, virtually maintenance-free and will last for decades.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out a few of our favorite success stories and see how our innovative ReadySpan modular solutions comprised of FRP materials provided customers with cost-effective and efficient methods for bridge replacement or new bridge installation.

Banner Elk Fiberglass Pedestrian Bridge

ReadySpan Bridge. Grandfather Mountain - Banner Elk, NC

The popular Grandfather Mountain State Park in Banner Elk, North Carolina, is known for some of the South’s most severe weather and needed a trail bridge that could tolerate harsh elements, a mild forest fire, visitor foot traffic and an occasional bear or mountain lion crossing.

Bedford took on the challenge and designed a 5-foot-wide by 60-foot-long dark gray fiberglass pedestrian bridge for the site. PROForms® fire-retardant resin system was used for the structure and yellow pine was chosen for the decking.

Efficiency is a major factor on any project, so preassembled truss sections and additional components were shipped to the location and assembled on site. Of course, all ReadySpan bridge components are shipped predrilled with the necessary hardware, with no special tools or experience required.

Completed in 2016, the Banner Elk FRP pedestrian bridge offers a safe, sturdy and reliable solution for trail hikers that will last for decades to come.

Cascade Locks Pedestrian Bridge

ReadySpan Bridge. Cascade Locks, OR

After a storm wreaked havoc on the steel and wood pedestrian bridge on the scenic Tish Creek Trail in Cascade Locks, Oregon, the forest service needed a new solution that would hold its own against months of snow, ice and harsh winds. And due to the remote location, winter and spring weather and the endangered northern spotted owls’ upcoming nesting season that needed to be respected, installation would be a bit of a logistical headache. The forest service turned to fiber reinforced polymer.

To meet the demands of the project, Bedford FRP bridge manufacturers designed and built a strong and stable 3-foot-wide by 40-foot-long brown fiberglass pedestrian bridge with cedar deck that would rest on the existing foundation. Because of its location and purpose, the bridge was outfitted with a 54-inch handrail.

Since there was only a small window of time when the bridge could be installed due to the spotted owls’ nesting season, preassembly of the bridge was completed to accelerate onsite construction time. The fiberglass bridge was shipped fully assembled to Cascade Locks, where it was helicoptered into position and volunteers secured it. Local news was there to cover the event. Watch it now.

The Cascade Locks trail bridge made of FRP composites was installed in 2017 and people were once again able to hike the gorge and will enjoy it for many years into the future.

Martin Hill ATV Trail Pedestrian Bridges

ReadySpan Bridge. Martin Hill - Buchanan State Forest, Bedford County, PA

The Martin Hill ATV Trail at Buchanan State Forest in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, can be difficult for new riders, but crossing two new bridges on the trail is now safe and easy. The forest’s contractor wanted a fiberglass pedestrian bridge that offered remarkable cost effectiveness while also being safe, strong, insect- and rot-resistant, non-corrosive, non-conductive and long-lasting. The contractor looked into FRP bridge manufacturers and chose Bedford for two ReadySpan fiberglass bridges.

There is no question that such a huge amount of wood in the 71,683-acre forest is bound to attract termites, which, along with rot from being exposed to moisture, can cause problems. Two new pedestrian bridges in the forest needed to be long-lasting without the worry of these issues compromising structural integrity. Fiberglass bridges were the perfect solution.

Bedford created two 6-foot-wide fiberglass trail bridge designs for the site, both longer than 25 feet. The PROForms® standard polyester resin system was chosen for the structure and southern yellow pine was selected for the bridge decks. The bridge was designed for 85 psf for pedestrian traffic, 30 psf snow load, three UTVs loaded with gear and passengers or five horses and riders on the bridge at a time. Completed in 2020, the Martin Hill ATV bridges serve as a strong, long-term solution for those hiking or riding on the trails.  

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Durability, performance, low maintenance and easy installation are key components of a successful pedestrian bridge project — and Bedford’s ReadySpan products exemplify those four characteristics.

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