Meeting OSHA Stair Requirements with Bedford's Superior FRP Solutions

When it comes to workplace safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets stringent standards to protect employees and visitors alike. Stairs, being a common element in industrial and commercial settings, are subject to specific OSHA requirements to ensure proper functionality, durability and safety. 

In this article, we’ll explore the significance of OSHA stair regulations, the limitations of traditional materials like metals and wood and how Bedford Reinforced Plastics offers a superior solution for plant safety with innovative fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) products, particularly the ReadyStair pre-engineered FRP stairs and stair towers. We’ll also highlight how the full line of ReadySeries modular access and safety solutions meet customer needs quickly and effortlessly, while providing long-lasting performance for decades to come. 

Understanding OSHA Stair Requirements

OSHA is dedicated to creating safe working conditions for all employees. Staircases are among the key areas of concern as they are prone to accidents and injuries if not designed and constructed properly. OSHA's stair requirements cover various aspects, including the minimum width of stairs, the height and depth of steps, handrails, slip-resistant surfaces and more. These regulations are crucial in safeguarding personnel and visitors, as well as avoiding costly penalties and lawsuits for non-compliance. 

Learn more about the key components of industrial stair safety and discover more information on improving workplace safety by checking out industrial plant safety questions answered by an FRP expert. 

Limitations of Metals and Wood

Traditional materials like metals and wood have been used in stair construction for decades, but they come with their limitations. Metal stairs may corrode over time, especially in harsh industrial environments, compromising their structural integrity and aesthetics. Wood, while visually appealing, is susceptible to rot, decay and termite damage, which significantly reduces its longevity and safety.

Moreover, both metal and wood may not always meet the exact requirements set by OSHA, leading to potential compliance issues and the need for costly modifications.

Traditional Materials such as metal and wood rotting

Bedford’s FRP Solutions: The Superior Alternative 

Bedford has revolutionized stair and platform construction with its innovative fiberglass-reinforced plastic solutions. FRP is an incredibly durable and versatile material that surpasses steel, aluminum and wood in various aspects. It offers exceptional resistance to corrosion, chemicals and moisture, making it ideal for even the harshest environments.

ReadyStair: Quick, Customizable, Compliant

Bedford’s ReadyStair pre-engineered FRP stairs and stair towers are designed to meet OSHA requirements while offering additional benefits. These FRP stairs are modular in nature, allowing for easy customization to fit specific project needs. With a simple assembly process, ReadyStair products can be quickly installed, reducing downtime and ensuring timely project completion.

But you aren’t sacrificing quality for speed. What sets ReadyStair apart is its compliance with OSHA regulations out of the box. All ReadyStair components are meticulously crafted to meet strict OSHA guidelines for worker safety, including safety yellow coloring, anti-slip surfaces and fire-retardant resins. Unlike metal, they’re non-conductive and impact resistant, plus the low thermal conductivity reduces expansion and contraction to keep structures stable. You’ll also get long-term reliability, because FRP holds up to corrosive environments and harsh weather.

Bedford testing to make sure we meet OSHA compliance

Bedford takes pride in having more than a claim of OSHA compliance; it represents an extraordinary level of engineering precision and attention to detail. Bedford has invested extensive efforts in continually testing and refining its FRP products to ensure they meet not only OSHA specifications, but some also meet stringent International Building Code (IBC) specifications — ensuring your projects are in full alignment with industry standards. 

In today’s world, safety is paramount, and the constantly changing landscape demands meticulous adherence to regulations. Ongoing testing and certification processes reflect Bedford’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve, providing customers with peace of mind and protection from potential liabilities in this litigious environment.

You can trust that every aspect of Bedford’s FRP stair systems is engineered to perfection, giving you a truly smooth and reliable experience. Plus, choosing ReadyStair eliminates the need for expensive modifications, ensuring a hassle-free experience while guaranteeing a safe and compliant solution. 

Want even more information on ReadyStair systems? Download a ReadyStair brochure or watch the video below.

OSHA-Compliant Stairs: Your Safety, Bedford’s Expertise!

The Bedford team is your dedicated partner in ensuring complete OSHA compliance for stair solutions in your workplace. Count on us to address all your concerns, providing expert guidance and support in achieving OSHA compliant stairs tailored to your specific needs: 

  • OSHA stair tread requirements
  • OSHA stair width requirements
  • OSHA industrial stairs and platform standards
  • OSHA stair landing requirements
  • OSHA stair riser height requirements
  • OSHA stair handrail requirements
  • What type of stairs must include slip resistant treads?
  • What is the required minimum width for industrial fixed stairs?
  • Fixed industrial stairs must be able to carry how much weight?

Rely on Bedford to deliver stair solutions that go above and beyond, combining safety, efficiency and compliance for your peace of mind. 

Bedford ReadySeries installed at a job site

The Versatility of ReadySeries Solutions 

While ReadyStair is the ideal solution for staircases and stair towers, Bedford’s comprehensive ReadySeries lineup offers a wide range of pre-engineered FRP products designed to meet various industry needs. From ladders and platforms to handrails and structural members, ReadySeries provides an entire suite of FRP solutions that maintain the same level of durability, safety and ease of installation.

Discover the versatility and excellence of Bedford’s featured projects and explore the unmatched quality of our fiberglass-reinforced plastic solutions in action. Gain further insight by checking out the complete guide to Bedford’s ReadySeries FRP solutions

In addition, Bedford has put together a wide range of tools, videos and literature to support our customers. Find ReadySeries resources here

Longevity that Lasts Decades

One of the most significant advantages of Bedford’s FRP solutions is their longevity. Fiberglass-reinforced plastic resists the effects of weather, chemicals and heavy usage, ensuring the stairs and other products maintain their integrity over decades. This longevity not only saves costs on replacements and repairs but also reduces the environmental impact of frequent material replacements.

Bedford prewritten specs being reviewed in a factory

Streamline Projects with Prewritten Specs

Crafting project specs from scratch can be a time-consuming and challenging task. That's why Bedford is committed to making the process easier for you with prewritten specs, so you can quickly access comprehensive and detailed specifications tailored to the FRP products. Bedford’s prewritten specs cover a wide range of applications, including FRP stairs, platforms, ladders, handrails and more, ensuring you find the right fit for your project needs. Find prewritten specs on our Resources webpage

Shipping You Can Count On

Bedford’s pre-engineered products are designed to meet your needs with speed and efficiency — and are ready to ship quickly for your convenience. Furthermore, Bedford’s partnership with Reinforced Logistics ensures that you'll receive your products with lightning speed with a seamless and expedited delivery process throughout North America. 

Rest assured, your shipments will be in safe hands. With advanced satellite tracking technology, Reinforced Logistics provides enhanced visibility and peace of mind for your shipments. 

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Meeting OSHA stair requirements is non-negotiable when it comes to ensuring workplace safety and compliance. It's essential to partner with a trusted supplier like Bedford, where innovative, OSHA-compliant FRP solutions provide the foundation for a safer tomorrow.

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