Stair Tower Setup Is Faster Than You Think

For some reason, it’s always seemed simple for humans to build tall structures and complicated for humans to figure out the best way to get to the top of them. Ramps are easy to walk up, but they require a tremendous amount of space and support. Ladders work well, but they take time to climb and it’s difficult for workers to carry tools or materials up ladders. But eventually a wise engineer came up with the idea of a stair tower.

A stair tower is simply a combination of stairs and landings arranged in switchbacks to rise to the desired height. Not much space is needed because a stair tower has a small footprint, and it’s much easier for workers to climb a stair tower system than a tall ladder. Tools and materials are more easily carried up a tower as well, so no hoist is required.

Early stair towers were made of wood, and later models were made from steel. But as the wood rotted and the steel corroded, another wise engineer came up with a bright idea: why not make stair towers from long-lasting fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP)? Thus, ReadyStair stair towers were created.

ReadyStair image with an overlay promoting that they are ready for quick shipping and easy to assemble

Industrial FRP Stairs Made Easy

A “tower” sounds like something that’s complicated to build, but Bedford’s ReadySeries lineup of modular FRP products makes it simple. A ReadyStair stair tower can be assembled easily onsite using ordinary tools. And as you’ll see in this video, a stair tower can also be completely preassembled and then lifted into place. Fast. Really fast.

Efficient Use of Space

ReadyStair stair towers fit in a seven-foot, six-inch by 12-foot nominal footprint, rising in six-foot increments between landings. The combination of ReadyStair industrial FRP stairs with ReadyPlatform landings, ReadyRail guardrails and anti-slip stair treads provides a durable solution that can hold up to constant use, severe weather and corrosive environments.

In addition to the streamlined design and easy assembly, ReadyStair stair towers meet all OSHA requirements for industrial safety applications. Since FRP won’t corrode, rust, rot or warp, it’s ideal for a wide range of applications and markets. Whether you need an internal stair unit or an external stair tower, ReadyStair has you covered.

Bedford ReadyStair tower assembled in a parking lot ready for shipment.

Because ReadySeries materials are kept well-stocked for quick shipping, you can get your industrial FRP stairs delivered and installed in a short timeframe. To help with assembly, ReadyStair stair towers can be shipped in kits for onsite assembly or shipped partially or completely assembled. Custom stair towers and assemblies are also available.

The knowledgeable ReadyStair team can help you get the perfect stair tower for your application. To discuss your project or request a quote, just reach out or call 814-623-8125.