When it comes to military equipment, dependability is critical. Every component has to stand up to harsh climates and punishing use. Through one of Bedford’s contract manufacturing partners, OSM Corporation, the U.S. military and Army Corps of Engineers have specified Bedford fiberglass shapes in several projects because they won’t corrode, warp or rot. And because structural FRP is strong yet lightweight, it leaves more capacity available for critical loads like troops and supplies. You can also visit our Featured Projects page to see Bedford materials used in unique ways for a variety of industries.


Troop seats, walkways, handrails, stairs and platforms are a few examples. FRP profiles perform in a wide range of climates and temperatures for maximum long-term value.


  • High strength-to-weight ratio — frees capacity
  • Corrosion resistant — won’t warp, rot, rust or bow
  • Safety — won’t conduct electricity, and nonslip surfaces are available
  • Humidity resistant — no shrinking or swelling
  • Low radar signature — non-magnetic and contains no metal
  • RF transparent — doesn’t interfere with radio waves
  • Low maintenance — molded-through color does not require painting
  • Long-lasting — lower lifetime cost than traditional building materials