Popular Uses for PROSeries Materials

Structural Shapes for Endless Possibilities

Proven and trusted for decades, the PROSeries lineup of structural fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) products includes PROForms® Structural Shapes, PROGrid® Molded Grating and PROGrate® Pultruded Grating. Most of all, the PROSeries lineup includes answers for nearly every building and manufacturing challenge.

The possibilities begin with PROForms FRP structural shapes, a comprehensive range of both standard and custom FRP profiles. The selection includes angles, rods, tubes, beams, channel and more to meet any need. PROGrid molded FRP grating provides a strong, impact-resistant, low-maintenance walking surface for worker safety. PROGrate pultruded FRP grating is the stiffest and strongest FRP grating option.

Together, they help you meet every building challenge from light duty to heavy duty. Check out this video to see how PROSeries materials provide strength and durability while unlocking endless design possibilities.

Common Applications

The wide variety of Bedford FRP structural shapes, fiberglass panels, FRP pultruded profiles and more make them the choice for projects worldwide.

  • Manufacturing and chemical plants that need structures resistant to corrosion and chemicals use PROSeries materials for durable performance in rugged environments.
  • For mining and other applications where strength is needed but space is limited, PROSeries FRP structural products provide the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight for significantly easier transport and installation.
  • PROSeries materials fill a variety of architectural needs because they add strength and stability at a lighter weight, reducing support requirements. From FRP trellis and rooftop structures to railing systems to aesthetically pleasing solutions, in-stock and custom PROSeries materials cover every need.
  • Reliability is essential for utilities, so they use PROSeries materials to ensure longevity for power plants. Bedford FRP is used to enhance safety, too, providing non-conductive ladders, catwalks and more.
  • Because PROSeries materials stand up to salt water and chlorinated water without swelling, rotting or corroding, they’re used in a range of theme and water park applications. From complex fountain and aquarium structures to customer walkways, FRP structural shapes provide the performance in wet conditions that steel and wood can’t.

The list of applications for PROSeries FRP structural shapes and fiberglass grating goes on and on. See the possibilities in action by reviewing our Featured Projects.

PROSeries FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help ensure that the structural material you use will perform for years to come.

What does FRP stand for and how is FRP made?
FRP stands for fiberglass-reinforced plastic and fiberglass-reinforced polymer. Materials are made through a pultrusion process that reinforces materials with fiberglass strands to create components that have the strength of steel without the weight or the risk of corrosion.

What is the difference between molded grating and pultruded grating?
PROGrid molded FRP grating and PROGrate pultruded FRP grating get their names from their manufacturing process. Molded FRP grating is cast through layering in a grating-shaped mold. Pultruded FRP grating pulls and shapes the material into rods and bars that are then assembled into grating. Molded grating is strong, yet flexible. Pultruded grating is ultra-strong and stiff.

What if I need a unique design?
To meet any design need, the most common PROSeries materials are kept in stock, plus custom profiles can be developed for unique designs. Our knowledgeable engineering team can work with you to develop custom FRP profiles for your specific needs. When you don’t have time to wait for a custom solution, our modular ReadySeries lineup provides quick-ship options that can be combined to meet nearly any configuration.

Here to Help

For all your structural materials needs, our expert team can help you get exactly what you need. Reach out with questions, request a quote or call 814-623-8125 to discuss your project.