Graphic of PROGrate Pultruded FRP grating.

PROGrate® Pultruded FRP Grating

PROGrate pultruded fiberglass grating supports heavier loads and longer spans than comparably sized molded grating. It’s ideal for demanding applications ranging from ADA-compliant walkways to heavy-duty vehicular traffic. And forget about complicated installation, pultruded grating is easy to transport, cut, and fabricate using standard tools.

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Available Colors:  
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Strong, Lightweight and Corrosion-Resistant
PROGrate pultruded grating has the strength of steel, but it won’t corrode like steel can.

Safer Walking Surface
A quartz grit anti-slip epoxy coating enhances traction.

Support and Stability
Cross-rods and bearing bars lock mechanically for maximum unidirectional strength.

Easy Fabrication
Panels are lightweight, easy to transport, and can be cut and fabricated using standard hand tools.

Extended Life
The coated resin surface increases resistance to chemical corrosion and continuous UV exposure.

Stress Resistance
Continuous glass rovings resist tension, compression and bending while providing longitudinal strength. Continuous glass mat increases transverse strength and resistance to impact.

Available Resin Systems

PROGrate pultruded grating is available in two resin systems, each providing different levels of corrosion protection. Both resin systems meet Class 1 Flame Spread Rating per ASTM E-84 test standards.

IFR: A premium-grade isophthalic polyester resin system that provides excellent corrosion protection. Standard colors: Yellow and Gray.

VFR: A vinylester resin system that provides the highest level of corrosion protection. Standard colors: Yellow and Gray.


  • Floor systems
  • Walkways
  • Work platforms
  • Stairs
  • Ramps
  • Trench covers
  • Catwalks

Grating Panel Sizes

Available Panel Sizes*

3′ wide x 20′ long 4′ wide x 20′ long
3′ wide x 24′ long 4′ wide x 24′ long
*Note: Dimensions are nominal. Not all panel sizes are stocked in every resin series and color. Check inventory for availability.

Standard Dimensions

Technical illustration of the standard dimensions of PROGrate pultruded FRP grating.

PROGrate® Heavy Duty Pultruded Grating

Image of a tire driving over structural fiberglass heavy duty pultruded grating.

Bedford’s PROGrate Heavy Duty Pultruded (HDP) grating is engineered to carry higher loads than traditional grating. It also delivers the same high-strength, corrosion-resistant performance as our PROGrate pultruded grating products. PROGrate HDP grating is available by special order in 1″,...

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PROGrate® Pultruded Phenolic Grating

Bedford’s PROGrate® pultruded phenolic grating products are the ideal solution for decks, platforms, stairways and walkways that require superior resistance to fire, as well as low levels of smoke and toxic gas emissions.

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VGBA Certified Grating

Bedford’s PROGrate® pultruded FRP grating has been tested and has met the specifications set forth by the Virginia Graeme Baker Act (VGBA) for use in VGBA compliant drain systems.

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FRP Grating Applications

FRP Grating Applications

Floors. Decks. Walkways. Offshore platforms. Bedford FRP grating systems are used worldwide in a variety of ways. Check out the 10 Top Uses for FRP Grating.

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Your Full-Service Partner

Your Full-Service Partner

Count on Bedford for everything from skilled design and engineering services to pre-assembly and timely delivery. Bedford has a state-of-the-art fabrication facility with CNC machines for faster processing. Kitted shipments are also available to save installation time on site.


Chemical Resistance Guide

Chemical Resistance Guide

Get detailed tables on chemical compatibility based on resin manufactures’ data, including maximum allowable concentrations and temperatures.

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